The Giver Book Report

The Giver Book Report
Lois Lowery wrote The Giver. I would suggest this book for young adults, so you can understand the book better. This book always had me wanting to read more. I did not put down the book once. This book always has you thinking. The ending will leave you hanging on a cliff. This book lets you be creative, explore your mind, and leaves you with questions.This story interesting, because it can seem so fake but at the same time so real. That is why you can relate book in some ways but still be surprised when something unexpected happens. This story takes place in a community. I compliment Lois Lowery for her amazing ways of describing the community. She yet again leaves us some questions, ?Are they in a bubble,? or ?Are they on another planet.? I seem to think that they are in some type of bubble that keeps them from the outside world. When I read this book I thought it was in the present, because it was not what I thought the future would be like. I now have a different theory after finishing the book. I believe that it took place in the future.

Jonas and Gabriel are the main characters of this book. Jonas is a young boy who has been selected to receive the memories from The Giver. Jonas soon gets a temporary ?brother? named Gabriel. Together they will go on a great adventure. Gabriel is a small infant who has been temporarily adopted into a Jonas?s family. He receives a memory every night to go to sleep, until Jonas and him go on a great adventure.

I think that in this book Lois Lowery is trying to make you explore and mind, to put together all the pieces of the book. She does this by giving great detail about the town and the jobs, but still being discreet. She also leaves you on a cliffhanger so you can create your own ending of the book. I think that she accomplished her goals of this book.

I liked this book and definitely will be picking it up again. I liked it because Lois Lowery gave you so much but left you with so little. I think that Lois Lowery has a very unique way of writing that is why I loved this book, and the other ones. I think that this book has many strengths. I could not find anything about this book that I did not like. I would recommend this book to almost everybody I know, because it is such a great book. I would mainly recommend it to people who are creative and like to think out of the box, because you have to be creative and think outside the box when you read this book. Other wise this book will make no since.

The Giver Book Report 7.7 of 10 on the basis of 1164 Review.