Recommendation Letter for Former Employee

Recommendation Letter for Former Employee
November 20, 2004

Mr. Richard Pillsbury
Manager, Marketing Services
All Industries Inc.
111 Strawberry Bend, Suite 1551
Smallville, OH 05252

Dear Mr. Pillsbury:
This is in response to your recent request for a letter of recommendation for Mary Lamb who worked for me up until three years ago.

Mary Lamb worked under my direct supervision at Technical Technologies for a period of five and a half years ending in August 2003. During that period, I had the pleasure of seeing her blossom from a junior marketing trainee, into a fully functioning Marketing, Program Co-Ordinator, in her final year and a half with the company. That was the last position she held before moving on to a better career opportunity.

Mary is a hard-working self-motivator who understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. During her year and a half in the Marketing Co-Ordinator position, there was never an instance in which she missed a major deadline. She often brought projects in below budget, and a few were even completed ahead of the deadline.

Ms. Lamb is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects. She functioned well as a team leader and she worked effectively as a team member under the direction of other team leaders.

On the interpersonal side, Mary has superior writing and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with the staff under her supervision, as well as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, both a person and a professional, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers.

A year ago, when Ms. Lamb announced her resignation to take up a new position with a larger company, we were not happy to see her leave, although we wished her the best in her new undertaking. Even now, two years after her departure, I can state that her presence, both as a person and as an employee, is still missed here.

In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with her, I can unreservedly recommend Mary Lamb to you for any intermediate or senior marketing position. If you would like further elaboration, feel free to call me at (416) 777-8585.


Bobby Blue
Director, Marketing and Sales

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