William Faulkner, the Ambitious Writer

William Faulkner, the Ambitious Writer
From early as the slave days in the southern states, males have shown an ambitious desire not only to make a living for them but also to gain their riches from the hardwork of others. For thousands of years southern males dominated over individuals who they deemed were animals stripping them of all their human rights to provide themselves with a better life. This ambitious desire to provide shelter, food, and clothing for their family and themselves led to the ultimate destruction of another race. While viewing the film ?Faulkner? I saw Faulkner ambitious nature prominently in his career goal. After struggling like many Americans to make a living and support himself Faulkner tries unsuccessfully at first to become a well renowned writer. Although Faulkner dream to become a writer took many years to become finalized he remained determined to succeed. For example, as a beginner writer Faulkner discovered that he lacked a particular writing style that would set his literature apart from his other colleagues. So he began studying all types of literature written by other authors to discover his own voice.
Another way in which Faulkner tried to discover untapped literary ideas was to observe the everyday actions of others and notice within their interactions with others a story line that could possibly capture the attention of readers. After writing for many years Faulkner tried to seek the publication of his very first novel ?Sanctuary?. The novel ? Sanctuary? proved not to be very interesting to publishers who read the novel since it mainly reflected the ideas and writing styles of prominently famous authors whose works of literature were widely read throughout the world. But Faulkner never gave up as he continued to write and receive rejection letters by publishers.

Although rejection seemed to be the fuel that pushed Faulkner to not only give up on his dream but to become more creative and focus on the background information he was familiar with. Shortly after Faulkner did succeed in getting his literature published he reunited with his one and only true love and married her. Upon marrying Faulkner came to the realization that he lacked the financial income to support his family and his desire for his literature to be published increased tenfold. In his efforts to become a more recognized and well-known writer such as Hemmingway Faulkner began to travel to other countries.

Finally after struggling for his name and literature to be recognize in the literary world Faulkner literature started to gain the attention he desired. But as his career began to soar, Faulkner home life began to crumble and like many southern gentleman of his time Faulkner focused more intently on his role as husband and father by providing his family with the love, patience and attention they needed. Unlike other males of his time Faulkner achieved his goals and dream through hard work and determination and not through the hard labor of other individuals whose sweat and tears provided many Americans with the financial security they so badly desired.

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