How Does One Define Good Advice?

How Does One Define Good Advice?
I believe that a good advice is a truthful, general, specific and helpful idea given by someone that we know and trust. This idea usually transmits confidence and security in a time we need to make an important decision.

Also, I would say that a good advice is an opinion given by someone that is prepared in a specific field. Usually they are called advisors or counselors, and they try to help people to guide their decisions, with a truthful, precise and accurate opinion that could even refer to their own past experiences. These decisions sometimes could change their lives.
I think that when we receive an advice, we are the ones to determine if it is the right choice to follow it. Also, I think that sometimes human beings need to make their own mistakes, and obtain their own experience in specific situations of life, this doesn?t mean that people shouldn?t follow an advice, but to be able to decide on their own. ?People need to learn somehow?.

Of course, there are many cases when we feel that by sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences with someone that would listen and try to understand, we would feel more secure and confident in our actions. An example, I would refer to Roby Isaacs ? Advices?: ?The next week my counselor could see major changes in my behavior?. I believe she felt a higher grade of security by sharing her experience with a counselor. However, not everyone feels the same way, because even if an advisee gets an advice from someone with experience doesn?t mean that the advisor has had followed his own advice in the past. For example, I would refer to Cale Sudwall ? Advices?: ?Then my friend said, ya I should have listened to myself too, I put it off and I did shitty?.

In the other hand, a good advice could be expressed as a sugestion or in some cases as a warning too. Futhermore, even if the advisee knows that the advice is good, he has the right to decide to follow it or not. Also, I believe that sometimes is hard to accept a good advice even if it?s coming from someone we trust, and I think there is when the advisee needs time to make a decision. For example, Rebecca Stevensons? experience in the summer camp. ?Mom, I love it up here! Thank you for making me stay?. It took her sometime to agree with her moms? advice.

To conclude, I would say that good advice and good writing have a direct relation, because both are related to language and understanding. Also, good advice and good writting always can use a creative, experience, and specific person to be the leader. For example the advisor and the writer. I believe that both need to be prepared to understand their own words before sharing them with others.

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