Free College Admissions Essays: Biology and Psychology

Free College Admissions Essays: Biology and Psychology
University has always appealed to me because of the wealth of experiences it has to offer as a student. Although I enjoy English Literature and Chemistry: two of my ?A level´ subjects, I am especially keen to study Biology and Psychology. For me, the main appeal of the course lies in the variety of topics that will be covered. The aspects of Biology I find particularly interesting are neuroscience and how the immune system functions and responds. In Psychology, I am very interested in what makes people unique and how different factors shape our personality.
I have had two work placements (East Barnet Library in June 1998 and WH Smith in April 2000), both of which proved successful and productive. These experiences especially allowed me to use my interpersonal skills to the full. In my references, both employers remarked on my willingness to learn, my enthusiasm and initiative as well as my ability to work independently and as part of a team.

One of the most interesting posts I have held in school is Deputy Managing Director of the ?Young Enterprise´ company, ?Opus 21?, I found the experience both rewarding and challenging. We encountered some problems at first, but the team worked together to solve them and I felt a real sense of pride to see the company succeed. My skills were further put to use when I helped represent my school in the ?Team Technology´ competition at the ?Logica´ headquarters in London. This involved solving problems in highly realistic business situations, within a limited time. My group was Runner-up, winning one week of work experience with ?Logica´ and prize money for our school.

Throughout my schooling I have been closely involved in charity work. Being sponsored to speak French for a day proved to be one of my most innovative (and amusing!) methods of raising money.

I have a variety of hobbies outside school. When time allows, I find playing the keyboard and creative writing, such as poetry, a change from my studies. I enjoy using computers as a hobby and to broaden the skills I have gained from my rsa word processing course. My other pursuits include more physical activities such as attending the gym regularly, dancing and cycling. I have recently performed my solo dance routine in the school production ?An Evening of Dance?, which was enthusiastically received.

At present, I am putting most of my effort into achieving the best grades in my ?A´ Levels to allow me to reach the next target in my education. I understand that university life will be very challenging, but I am confident that it will give me the best chance to achieve my potential, and lead the way forward to a successful career. I hope that this application indicates that I am a promising candidate.

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