Abbey Road

Abbey Road
Abbey Road is heralded as one of the greatest rock ?n roll albums ever. It grinds with hard rock and sways with soft guitar. The variety of the tracks provides something for everyone. It was created in 1969 at the famous Abbey Road studios. George Martin and Geoff Emerick, who had produced many other Beatles? albums, contributed to this work. This album is one of the more famous albums of the Beatles, who are one of the most popular bands ever. Almost every piece of this album, even the cover, is art works in themselves.
The album begins with the hard-rocker ?Come Together?. The song is a perfect example of John Lennon?s rock influence in the Beatles. ?Come Together? is a song that?s popularity has been revived due to its appearances in many commercials. Its trademark chorus, ?Come together right now over me?, is known just about everywhere. Ringo?s heavy drums and John?s deep poetic lyrics drive the song, while Paul?s voice and George?s sharp guitar contribute to the body of this song. John Lennon was well known for his creative lyrics. His mind provided lyrics for such insightful songs such as ?Across the Universe? and ?A Day in the Life?.
The third track is ?Maxwell?s Silver Hammer?. This song is a humorous tune about a boy who enjoys attacking people with a silver hammer. It is a playful piano jingle that reflects on Paul?s influence on the album. Paul McCartney?s songs usually presented the lighter, more friendly side of the Beatles. Paul was known for writing soft songs in which he would sing about his own fictional characters. In this case the boy named Maxwell, always went ?Bang! Bang! Maxwell?s silver hammer came down upon her head? followed by ?Clang! Clang! Maxwell?s silver hammer made sure that she was dead.?

?Octopus?s Garden? is another standout track on the album. The song has developed into one of the best-known Beatles? songs ever. This song was without a doubt, Ringo?s best song writing effort ever. Anyone who can write a song about being in the garden of an eight-legged sea creature should win an award. George?s flawless solo provided excellent cover over the background voices of gurgling water. This is also in the form of a love song. ?We would sing and dance around because we know we can?t be found? is quoted from the song, which details that he would like to be alone with this person. To finish the song off, Ringo?s quote ?We would be so happy you and me, No one there to tell us what to do, I?d like to be under the sea In an octopus? garden with you? makes it clear that he is sending a message out to someone who he would like to be with undisturbed.

The second-to-last track is appropriately titled ?The End?. It is not very well known, but it is an amazing example of rock ?n roll. Without a doubt, the best part of the song is Ringo?s amazing drum solo. George follows the drum solo with a solo of his own. ?And in the end,
The love you take Is equal to the love you make? is the ending quote to the song ?The End? which leaves the listeners with a quote about love. Just when the listener thinks the album has ended, though, Paul sings a little tune called ?Her Majesty? with a guitar. This song is a nice finishing touch to the album. It properly closes the album by ending on a slightly slower pace. Her majesty is a song where it seems as though Paul is sending a message to a woman, but is kind of embarrassed to talk to her. He quotes ?I want to tell her that I love her a lot, but I gotta get a bellyful of wine?. He is saying he needs a little bit of liquid courage to talk to her.

Abbey Road is a staple of music in the 20th century. The album is a masterpiece and includes music of all styles. It took a great band such as the Beatles to accomplish such a grand piece that was years ahead of anyone. Many distinguished critics have recognized this album many times for its genius. Every single aspect of it has been carefully analyzed. In fact, there was such close analysis of the cover art, which it led to a rumor that Paul McCartney had died. This rumor was made on the basis of a car?s license plate in the picture. The license plate read ?28IF?. Many interpreted this to mean that IF McCartney were still alive, he would be 28. This rumor was eventually discovered to be false. It is just one of many things that makes this album so interesting. Every intricate part of this album is important and makes it a masterpiece.

Abbey Road 7.9 of 10 on the basis of 3935 Review.