Reflective Practice Phase Monthly Report

Reflective Practice Phase Monthly Report
This is my fourth Reflective Practice Phase (rpp) monthly report. I have continued in my rpp in Darfur Women Peace & Development Network, Inc. (dwn) strategic positioning, Board of directors building, and financial developing.

Fist, strategic positioning is a very significant for the organization to grow and sustain. At the beginning of my practicum, I had concentrated on public speaking, TV and newspapers interviewing, and meeting and gathering participating to improve the DWN?s marketing and visibility. As a result, I learned additional techniques to strengthening the visibility of dwn which is a version of the brochure was ready for November 15 as a piece to leave behind for the interested group. I include children who spoke on behalf of Darufr children in displaced and refugee camps. Moreover, very young lady contributed to tell her story and experience about being vulnerable to air force bombing, walking long distance at evening to not be caught by the adversary. It was very strong messages and it had suggested by one of the Board members. It was collective efforts of Board members.
The impact of the strategic position program since I have had started my rpp as following:
 Well known among various nonprofit organizations (NGOs), governmental and private institutions, and individuals.
 The dwn became a member of various organizations such cooperative center for nonprofit organizations, city of Fort Wayne, multicultural council of Fort Wayne, African association of Fort Wayne and United Methodist Women of South Indiana - Serving Women, Children and Youth in the United States and Around the World Conference.
 Opens the window of opportunities such as financial development, volunteers, and strengthening our competitive positioning. Now, we have three different entities have promised with financial support even though last month dwn had insufficient fund, but now we covered our expenses.
Now, we have six Board members from Fort Wayne and still have an opened door for volunteers.
 Development of public speaking skills and techniques experienced team always provides feedback.
 I have developed my Political leadership skills through my speech and written information.
 dwn had contact from Universities? students who are doing their research in Darfur issues or multicultural issues

Building dwn Board of directors is another exciting and difficult area of building a nonprofit organization. On October 23, 09 Mindy Walker with an intensive skills and experience in Board governing, grant proposal writing. Fund raiser, directing projects, and setting budget has joined dwn. In addition, on November 11, 09 the dwn Board has an excited new member. She interested in being a bridge between Americans and Darfur people in Ft. Wayne city. Our last Board of director meeting was on November 14, 09. It was different than before and it was the last teleconference meeting. The meeting was very productive because I believe there were some much information had been generated to be prepared for public speaking on 11/15/09 at United Methodist church, 20 minutes away for Fort Wayne. Another event that we collected information for is an open house for dwn. In these areas, experience and knowledge was dominant and useful.
Finally, the Board of directors? election which is a turning point of unprofessional works. Now, the dwn has elected Board officers and an Executive Director. I felt, I was rescued from burning out and have space to be creative. Since the dwn was established, I had to do all that work myself, but delegation of work was started since then. The roadmap of our work is clear now. I will work with the president of the Board of director, with the treasure officer, with the secretary, and check on our volunteers at the office. Honestly, I believe I have gain self-esteem; I am confident, profession, and more passionate of what I have done. Since I had read Lisa?s first month report of her practicum, I thought about this organization and how I can balance be who are task oriented and are not. How do I balance differences between different cultural values even though I studies and digest the OB1 and OB11.
Financial resources development is a dynamo for sustainability. The area of financial resource is interconnected with the strategic positioning because I believe everyday the dwn has attracted new members and supporters. These new constituencies have influence or connection with some resources; therefore, dwn have been promised with some financial support from the strategic position Arianna. The dwn has covered its rent for 2009 and all its office?s needs. Mindy, the president of Board of Director has intensive experience in different areas that significant to the dwn. She and myself will work on some tasks such as grant proposal writing, budget setting, and strategic planning of our financial priorities on November 24, 2009. For the next months I will concentrate one getting Board member to work and interact with each other to know each other better. Also, I will delegate more tasks and learn how to manage these works among different groups.
I believe in these stages, I have relied on the theories of leadership development and community development approach. I have clear picture of the asset we have had and what we have needed so far.
Leadership development is a core subject that I have worked on it; I have tested my leadership from different situation to another to ensure my leadership quality.
In conclusion, I feel that my report is very short and precise. The quality and the road map towards building professional nonprofit organization are on the right direction. The next report will show much development and improvement on different areas.

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