Web Reaches 100 Million Sites (With Teacher's Comments)

Web Reaches 100 Million Sites (With Teacher's Comments)
I found this article to be quite interesting. We all know there is a lot of websites out there, but 100 million is a tough number to imagine. It is really amazing that after taking until 2004 to reach 50 million it only took a little over 2 years to reach double that. [statements of facts here. Who said it reach 50 million two years, why not 15 million in 20 years? You need a citation reference here.] I guess I would be a little bit late in the game to make the conclusion that the internet is here to stay.
There is such an abundance of information and the internet has become such an integral part of our lives in just a few short years. Right now I find it fascinating that when I think about how I bought my first house in 1996 compared to the process of buying my second home just last year. I didn?t [Avoid the use of contractions in formal writing (e.g., Don?t = do not)] even use the internet for any part of the process the first time around. I looked up a realtor in the phone book and I got all the information on listings from here. She gave me some documentation on different mortgage brokers and all of the homes we looked for were ones that she had picked out for us to see based on our criteria. This time around I had most of these things complete by the time I had even selected a relator (which I did online). There are several tools online that let you complete much of the home buying process yourself with little to no experience in real estate. Even if you know nothing about real estate at all you can learn everything you need to know online. The first thing I did was find a neighborhood I wanted to live in. This was merely a matter of checking out mapquest and finding the areas that were within the radius I wanted to be from certain other key points on interest, such as my office and where my kids live. Then I was able to check out other key statistics such as crime rates and how the schools rate. I found my mortgage broker online by searching some of the sites that have interest rates posted and updated daily. Once I did find a relator I think I updated her on homes that were becoming available in the area sooner than she was able to update me. I was able to find the exact location of the home, pictures of the exterior and interior, and what the yearly taxes would be. If everything looked like something I might be interested in I could just send her an email when I would like to see it and she would set it up. It is so helpful having all of this information in front of you on the computer. I did an extensive search that lasted about a month before I bought this house last year. To do the same amount of research without using the internet I would have been homeless for several months before I found the right place.

Of course real estate is only one of the things that has been made easier for us to research before we go into a final decision. Researching is also only part of what we are able to do. The ability to make actual purchases from almost any retailer to items that used to be restricted to yard sales can now be found on ebay from all over the world to larger items such as cars.

Researching and purchasing are still only a couple of examples and only a couple of the many things and out there on the ?100 million? sites available to us at the click of a mouse. It amazes me on how many sites that have come up in recent years that have made the internet a social gathering place. It?s [Avoid the use of contractions in formal writing (e.g., Don?t = do not)] no wonder that the Time Magazine person of the year is you. (Grossman, 2006) It seems like just yesterday you were really cool just to have an email address. Now everyone has at least one, and most of us several as well as a myspace page, a photo page on a site such as flickr, webshots, or on one of the many, many other photo sharing pages available, and of course the latest and greatest, a youtube account. We can now share all the home videos with the world. It also gives more and more of us our shot at our ?15 minutes of fame?. Here is one really great example ?About a month ago I posted my first home video to YouTube. It was a short video of my 2 year old daughter jumping around to the opening of the Mad Money show on cnbc. Last night, I received a message from Dan Hoffman, creative director at cnbc, and he wanted permission to air the video later this week.? (Dekeryel, 2006) This is only one of the many examples of people made ?famous? by posting something silly, different, fascinating or unusual on a website such as youtube. It?ll be interesting to see how many more come up because of this site or more sites like it. I personally have starting using this site quite a bit. At first it was just here and there from funny or odd videos friends were sending me, but I have found some great information on there. I recently took up the guitar as a hobby and have found many helpful instructional videos posted by users who just want to share their knowledge and show how they learned a certain song. Of course many also want you to visit their website to pay for full set of online instruction. It?s [Avoid the use of contractions in formal writing (e.g., Don?t = do not)] very possible that youtube could be set to become the next level of advertising.


Now that we have gone form 50 million sites to 100 million sites in 30 months I am curious to see how long it will take to reach the 200 million mark. At this pace it should surely be less than two years. One thing I would like to find out and wasn?t able to locate is an average of how many websites the average person visits in one day. With some many different levels of internet usage out there it is probably very difficult to determine depending on the demographics fo the big picture. Many people that I know are in front of a computer most of their day. I would imagine that most of them can average from 20 to well over 100 a day. I know I can probably think of at least five or ten I need to check before I even start my day. One thing you can say is that there certainly isn?t [Avoid the use of contractions in formal writing (e.g., Don?t = do not)] a lack of availability or variety when it comes to surfing the web.
[You have addressed the issue thoroughly and supported your assertions. The house hunting example was something that everyone can relate to?good job! Your paper was easy to follow and understand. Just tweak some of the apa formatting. See comments in the body of the paper. Overall a good paper and you earned 13/15 points.] *

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