I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher

I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher
Happiness is not about being filthy rich, or by how many designer clothes I can wear, happiness is about making a difference in the lives of the future. It will be such an awarding experience to go daily to a place of work and feel as though I truly belong.
Many people do not realize that if it weren?t for teachers, we would not have doctors, lawyers, and many professions that greatly depend on the guidance of their teachers to enrich their lives. A semantic memory process is provided only in school, that will follow students throughout their lives.

Each year, as a new group of students enter my classroom, I will encourage them to be expressive of their imaginations in their favorite subjects, whether it will be art, literature, math or music. We all have rules and regulations to follow, and each student will know that there is no exception in the school or the classroom. Another goal in my classroom will be to keep the students excited about learning, not to treat school as a game or a social event, but to encourage a unique and fun atmosphere to learn.

My educational ethics toward each student will be to emphasis that everyone is an individual, they are all special and unique in their own way, and that every student does not learn on the same level. I hope my students will treat each other the way they want to be treated, and respect those that may be less fortunate. It will be wonderful to put back into the community a well-rounded individual that may make a difference in the life of someone else.

The philosophy of essentialism is important to me, although I feel students can still relate to school in a positive way. Students can learn the core subjects?reading, writing, arithmetic, and science by learning the important aspects of each subject. I also feel they can be taught fun ways to learn, and to remember what they have learned by showing students new ideas that will help them grasp the importance of a good education. By doing this, it will help the students pass the Scholastic Aptitude Teats (sat), giving them a better chance to move toward a college education or another vocation of their choice.

The methods of learning that I will use in my classroom will be direct teaching and cooperative learning. With direct teaching, I will remain the focus and authority of the classroom, focusing on the students core subjects, also providing to the students a major sense of belonging to the class. Also, in direct teaching, repetition seems to be a big factor in teaching students many ways to remember their lessons.

When I, as a teacher, want to bring out the creative side of a student, cooperative learning will contribute to their learning capabilities. Many times, when students are placed in groups, the interaction between them is very positive. Whenever the students are placed in groups, I will try to mix them up, always changing them around. I will place students together that may not have chosen one another to interact with. This method will provide an important way to teach students that we live in a society where we can learn together.

I know that not all students are ?model? students. Many are brought up in a broken home, or there may be a problem that may cause a student to have disruptions in their way of thinking. I feel that discipline begins in the home, but, if they are disrupting others from learning, they need to be taught that there is a time to learn and a time to play. They also need to be taught that while they are in school, that learning is a priority, and playtime is at recess.

My curriculum in the classroom is very important. I would encourage each student that they are capable of whatever they desire, whether to grow up to be the first woman president, an astronaut, fireman, or a cashier; along with those dreams they must know that all of their dreams start in the classroom with their education. I will also teach them that whatever they desire in their future, to be the best they can be.

I desire to continue my education after graduating from State College with a bachelor?s degree in elementary education, pursuing a master?s degree in elementary education, possibly majoring in science or history. With a teaching profession, the sky is the limit at what can be achieved. Who knows, I may one day change the life of a little person who grows up just like I did, and discovers that they TO can have IT all! A family and a rewarding career in education.

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