That Bothersome Girl Named Scout

That Bothersome Girl Named Scout
MS maudie atkinson was walking past her upstairs front room to find me in tears on the bed; she walked in tentatively and sat gracefully beside me before asking ?what?s wrong dear??
?My first day was terrible?. Wiping my eyes I continued ?It all began with a bothersome little girl called Scout; you know the one across the street??
Ms Maudie nodded her head and replied ?Yes I sure do, her father Atticus Finch is a lawyer in Maycomb?.
To some extent interrupting her, I continued with what I was saying
?Yes, well?, she is very disruptive to the class with her impractical stories and what not; I?d met her a few days back with her brother who appeared to be in a dream?. ?I tell you Mr. Finch is far too old and is raising those children erroneously; he is no doubt unaware of the new teaching methods??
Ms Maudie interrupted me with a cough stating ?folk round here wont know much ?bout no fancy college stuff?.
I continued ?Well he needs to be educated if I am going to teach Scout in the appropriate manner? I added. ?She is very literate, although troubling?. Shaking my head in despair, ?I even caught her writing a letter?. ?Did you know she can even read the stock market quotations? I exclaimed.
With a knowing nod I stated clearly ?I guess she?s better then most of the other frayed, grubby children who seemed as though they were impervious to creative text?.
?So you haven?t got the smartest bunch in Maycomb? Ms Maudie announced unfazed, ?Well I guess not, but I?m not exactly one to judge? looking away shamefully.

We stood up to go down and start dinner preparations; it is a pattern of Ms Maude?s to start dinner on time, no exceptions.
?I found out from the notorious Scout at first lunch that you don?t give money to a Cunningham? I stated sharply whilst following Ms Maudie down the stairs.
?Oh that poor boy?s been gettin? cotton and feedin? hogs all his life? Ms Maudie stopped and looked at me with a sigh.
?He sure looks like it? I said, agreeing with her whole heartedly.

As we reached the kitchen I continued with my examination of the day.
?But that Scout!, I asked her to put her hand out for interrupting the class once again and she stared blankly around the room as though she was making an uncertain agreement?
Ms Maudie who replied with a nod agreed ?she sounds like a nuisance!?
?Oh most certainly! but not only that, the class began in a fit of laughter after I gave her punishment and sent her to the corner?. I could not stop my voice from quivering in anger and said quite loudly and unlady like,
?Causing Mrs. Blont the sixth grade teacher next door to storm in and threaten to burn everyone if another noise was heard?.

Picking up my peeling knife and calming down a bit, I added ?luckily the lunch bell rang and saved me for a while, all I could do was bury my head in my hands wishing them away? I replied said with resignation in my voice.

Ms Maudie picked up the potatoes, handing me one indicating to peel, told me quite forthright ?to persevere with it, and you will get there?.

She did not understand and I quickly blurted back ?but that?s not even the worst of it?.
?You know that truancy lady makes exceptions for that ?cootie? infested, Burris Ewell which I have not even begun to tell you about?.
?He aint got no mother and his fathers? down right litigious? Ms Maudie included.
With a knowing nod I added ?well that explains his atrocious behavior!, ?I simply offer the boy a home remedy for his head lice and excused him for the rest of the day when we somehow broke out in an quarrel,? quickly adding ?lucky the diminutive Chuck Little stood up to Burris and warned him to leave!?
?What a courageous boy for standing up to Burris!? Ms Maudie stated handing me another potato to peel.
?Yes I was very impressed although it didn?t last long, as soon as he?d shrugged out the door he yelped back ?report and be dammed, aint? no snot nose slut of a school teacher can make me do anything!? I exclaimed, quickly putting my hand over my mouth to show the shame of repeating a swear word spoken aloud?
Ms Maudie did not skip a peel on the potato at my statement and clearly said ?Oh my! Well the Ewells? only come on the first day of the year so you shouldn?t be bothered by him anymore?. As if that made it all ok!

?It was my first day in this insular, slow paced town and it?s as if I?m expected to know all of Maycombs? ways? I stated shaking my head and reaching across the table for another potato, ?I feel like such an outsider?!
?I hope I will figure it out soon?, I added with some hope, but I must have come across quite miserable, as Ms Maudie looked upon me sadly with encouragement.
Patting my hand that had stopped peeling said.? You will dear, you will?.

I smiled up at her and finished helping prepare the meal.

As I got up I thanked her for listening to me and stated ?I must go and begin to prepare my school work for tomorrow, I want to be a little better prepared?. Ms Maudie just turned and smiled that local knowing look I would soon learn to read I am sure.

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