Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland
ngenuity?the word that describes what J.M. Barrie possessed that paved the way for Peter Pan, and the same word that exemplifies the reason why successful entrepreneurs have gotten to where they are now.
J.M. Barrie, armed with the child that was always alive in him, revealed the transformative power of one?s imagination, that as long as you believe, you can transform yourself into something greater. He had the extraordinary ability to take people to another world?an enchanting world past tears and fears that exists only in fantasy and beyond one?s limits, and where imagination is the only key.
Entrepreneurs too have a knack for great things. They come up with great ideas which they execute better than anyone else. They have the flair to seek opportunities, take risks, and then afterwards, fulfill potentials that nobody else sees. The real entrepreneur has the drive to succeed and despite failures, doesn?t stop. Heck, he never stops even if he already has succeeded. The real entrepreneur breaks new grounds, just as Barrie did.
Barrie?s imagination took him to places which he otherwise would never have experienced. As participants of somba who are in our first step in creating a new business, we have to utilize our imagination and be as creative as possible in order to come up with a good business idea. We have to think outside the boundaries and look beyond what?s right in front of us. If we are to become entrepreneurs, thinking just like everybody else is not an option. Like J.M. Barrie, we always have to keep an open mind for brilliant ideas, may it be outside or inside the confines of our own bedrooms. Having an active imagination, after all, does not just stop. The ideas would keep on coming?whether feasible or farfetched.
More than this though, starting our own business requires not just the business idea itself but also the right attitude. Barrie knew his other plays weren?t good enough but he didn?t stop writing because he wanted to do better and believed that he could. His play, Peter Pan, was a result of not sheer talent, but also of dreaming big?every success story after all starts with big dreams, determination?simply dreaming and not really doing anything will lead to nowhere, passion?loving not just the concept but doing the actual dirty work, faith?believing that the goal is within one?s reach, and of course, a little bit of craziness. As future entrepreneurs, we are supposed to have these qualities as well.
Lastly, it is important for us to make sure that the business is realistic and that it would work. Even Mr. Barrie himself knew that there was a limitation to ?pretending? because there are some things that we can?t just run away from. The same goes in the entrepreneurial world. There are things that we must take into account in engaging in a new business venture which would affect the feasibility of the idea, however brilliant it may be. Once again though, aspiring entrepreneurs cannot just quit and trash a business idea just because there are some things that wouldn?t run perfectly. After all, maybe, just maybe, it can be done.
J.M. Barrie was a boy who never grew up. Yet in more ways than one, he was also a remarkable man who believed in the power of the imagination and where it could take him. Brilliant people, as Mr. Barrie?s wife said, do not have a secret place where good ideas float around like leaves in autumn and where they can disappear to. Brilliant people just believe that what isn?t can be what is; that there is a way to make it possible. We too, as entrepreneurs, should do the same.

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