Wealth Seekers

Wealth Seekers
When Sandy?s husband (52) died, he left his widow a large estate of 10 millions dollars. She invested most of the money in various business projects such as vitamin stores, grocery stores, and fitness centers. When it became apparent that these businesses were not profitable, she continued to pour more money into these losing ventures. The more she tried to rescue her failing businesses the more money she lost. She did not have the humility to admit defeat, and move on to profitable projects.
Golden nugget #9? Why is humility necessary if you want to be a wealth builder? Humility enables you to admit defeat, and then move on.
She wanted to practice her generosity by serving those who needed supplements. She often placed orders for health care supplements for senior citizens who were unable to find these needed products, and she worried how they would make it without her aid. She kept on with these stores even though it was becoming an economic burden.
►Secret Tactic #13? The wealthy do not practice their generosity where it is inappropriate, and not beneficial to all parties involved. They do not feel apologetic, sorry, or remorseful when they stop unproductive projects, even if may be inconvenient and difficult for some individuals. They do not confuse business with charity work. They keep them separate.

She needs to see the futility of entering a three-legged horse in the Kentucky Derby. It will never win against four-legged horses. She was unable to surrender and admit defeat. She just kept on trying harder. This behavior is a sign of a wealth seeker? a loser. A loser believes that if at first you do not succeed try again. This concept is similar to someone running into a brick wall, falling on the pavement, and then getting up to do the same thing over again What is needed is genuine persistence instead of blind persistence, which seeks to examine the failures, and make creative changes that cause a change. What is needed is reflective, precise, and somewhat contrarian thinking to see how to proceed.
Golden nugget #10? Wealth seekers often believe that ?do it now? is the key to wealth building. They may be off balance by believing that persistence is the number one key for wealth building. They are naïve because it takes more than persistence to achieve wealth. It takes using all these 21 Secret Tactics in a balanced way.

Wealth seekers often believe with enough faith, they can achieve any goal, so they doggedly press on without realizing the futility of their actions. They are overusing the faith mode (blind faith). They have not learned when to ?fold the cards.? Sometimes these wealth seekers do not know when to quit because they are on a mission. Some signs that may indicate they need to abandon their project are:
? Their creative ideas make no real difference in solving the problems.
? They cannot think of any creative ideas that would fundamentally change the circumstances.
? They go way past their budget and realistic deadlines to achieve their vision or goal.

Now it is clear what happens to wealth seekers when they try to implement the billionaire?s ?mindset?. They listen to the superficial explanations of how these billionaires achieved their fortunes. When they try to duplicate their success, they go in the reverse mode? self-sabotage behavior.
Let?s look at some of the other ?billionaire behaviors.?

For example, you work for one of the wealthiest men in the world in the computer field. Today you are being asked to give a presentation to him about your project. Now here is what your associates who have been through this rite of passage say, ?He has the ability to find the logical flaw in your proposal. Nevertheless, if you explanations are convincing and compelling, he is open to changing his mind. This is his behavior. This is his mindset. This is the mindset of someone with excellent skills of discernment, not someone who is gullible, uninformed, and easily manipulated. Let?s move on to our next billionaire. We know that you can learn more about billionaires from their behaviors than from interviewing them about their successes. How someone behaviors reveals their intentions, thoughts, and feelings.
Their behavior speaks volumes.

This billionaire only hires individuals that he genuinely likes. He wants to be surrounded in his business environment with individuals he finds warm, pleasant, and easy to deal with. Remember what we said earlier about people wanting to do business with those they like? Here is this billionaire following this exact principle to the letter.
Introduction to your 14th Secret Tactic

Now what does this billionaire do during the day with his time. He reads for hours each day, talks on the phone for an hour or two, and then the rest of his time is spent thinking and reflecting on what he has read. He is not sitting around doing nothing.
►Secret Tactic #14: The wealthy are constantly learning about their area of interest. They often read extensively in their area of interest, engage in listening to others, and act curious. They have discernment to know what is worthwhile and what to discard because their thinking is informed, precise, and reflective. They examine carefully, and scrutinize their various affairs.

They spend time reflecting on what they have read, heard, and observed. For example, if they are investing in oil stocks, they read voraciously everything they can find about oil. They are informed. They think independently from the masses. They are not naïve, gullible, and easy manipulated by the general opinions of the media, so called experts, and the prevailing trends.
Introduction to your 15th Secret Tactic

Now let?s continue with our third billionaire. Again we are more concerned about his behavior than any words of wisdom he may try to convey. Today this billionaire calls up this foundation that assists children in this story. The goal of this foundation is to enrich children with life-threatening medical illnesses with optimism, strength, and joy. They do this by granting these children particular requests. Now he wants to give back to his community. He knows that giving back makes him feel good. He donates some of his money to provide for one of these children to have their desire come true? shopping in a kid?s toy factory. Then he is driven over to meet one of these children shopping at one of these toy factories in his limousine.
Here is a billionaire going out
of his way to help one of these children.

He gets out of his limousine, checks his tie, and walks through the door of this toy factory in San Francisco. He is coming to see this little girl, age six who has a rare and fatal heart condition. When he greets her, he tells her to pick out any of the toys in the toy factory. She already has picked out some. Then he sees the toys that she has already collected, and says, ?Is that all the toys you have collected in the last half hour? You need to pick out additional toys.? Then the billionaire beams with pleasure. He knows that this little girl?s desire is being fulfilled now. This makes him happy. He invests himself in some else?s life. His act of kindness makes someone feel like a billion dollars. This little girl feels this way in the toy factory. This girl?s life is filled with real magic when he walks into that toy factory. She feels loved and accepted. That is something significant to leave behind as a legacy. The money he spends that afternoon may have seemed insignificant to him, but to that little girl it is worth everything.
Golden motivational tip #9? You do not have to be a billionaire to invest yourself in someone?s life who needs a lift or a helping hand.

He made a difference in her world, and she will remember this for the rest of her life. Our billionaire turns something to gold that day. He did this by giving from the wellspring of his abundance with the touch of love. When he walked through that door of the toy factory he wanted to be that rock when someone else?s life was crumbling. He is watching someone?s life turn to gold that afternoon. Now do you think that when you interviewed him, he is going to tell you how selfless, giving, and kind he is to others? No, he isn?t because he does not brag about his giving. However, if you observe his behavior you can see it quite clearly. You can see his touch of love with that little girl, because it is in her smile and eyes. You can see his touch of love because of the joy on his face. Instead of talking about his selfless giving, he just does it. He is not giving out of obligation or social responsibility. He is giving from the wellspring of his heart. He is not trying to change the world as commonly seen by preachers on TV. He is not functioning out of obligation to help a needy world. He is not trying to ?save the world.?
His giving reflects his open heart!

Sometimes even the wealthy may feel burdened by the responsibility of doing good with their fortunes. They are suddenly attacked with the urge to give it all away for the good of society, mankind, or save the world. When they feel burdened by their money, they need to get back to the basics of wealth building. Money is never a burden. The only burden is the
mistaken belief in his or her minds: Money never burdens anyone.

Give from the wellspring of your heart instead of from obligation!!

Now here is the key? Just because he has the spirit of giving with the gentle touch of love does not mean that he is gullible, naïve, and easily taken advantage of by others in the business world. He does not confuse his business dealings with charity work. They are separate entities.
Golden nugget # 11? Our billionaire is following the ancient proverb: ?Wise as a serpent, gentle as a lamb.?

►Secret Tactic #15: You learn more about the ?mindset? of billionaires and the wealthy by observing their behaviors than listening to what they say or put in writing. You can study their behaviors, and then emulate them instead of just listening to their advice when asked how they succeeded. This gives you an inside track to having the ?billionaire mindset.?

When you observe someone?s behavior you can get an accurate profile of what?s important to them. Their actions reveal the bottom line. Are you surprised that billionaire?s have humility, often read extensively, have good will, and dedication to mankind? They do not ?toot their own horn.? However, they are not gullible and naive in their business dealings. They don?t feel sorry for their competition.
Chapter Four

Introduction to your 16th Secret Tactic

The Midas touch is the ability to acquire great wealth with little apparent effort. When you have the Midas touch everything works easily and effortlessly. Psychologists call this being in the ?zone.? No matter what you call it, the results are clearly recognized? everything becomes easy. You have the golden touch with your affairs. Isn?t this what everyone is seeking in one-way or another? It is the opposite of stress, struggle, and anxiety. The way to acquire the Midas touch or be in the ?zone? is to learn to handle the everyday and mundane details of your life. There is an old saying, ?The devil is in the details.? No one acquires great wealth without learning how to handle all the details. You need the Midas touch to make your life work, unless, of course, you want to struggle.
►Secret Tactic #16: Wealth builders get into the flow because they have mastered the fine points of their game by working diligently. Wealth seekers want to skip this stage, and just focus on the grand results. They want to ?have it all? right now.

Instead of being obsessed with the next position, they practice excellence in their present position. Then they are noticed for their outstanding work, and they naturally proceed to the next step or promotion. They continue this upward cycle indefinitely.
Wealth seekers often focus on the goal instead of taking appropriate steps to handle these details to achieving their dreams.

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