Searching for Teachers

Searching for Teachers
When I was first assigned to write about online communities I thought the first thing I need to find out is, ?What is an online community?? I was told online communities are places where people come together and communicate online.
After I found out what online communities are I had somewhere to start, know the question is ?What is my online community experience?? That is not a hard question being that I do not have much experience with online communities. My computer experience is somewhat limited. I have done some research on the computer, but as far as living in a community online or even visiting a community online I have very little experience.

On a few occasions I have visited some chat rooms. I?ve heard a lot about online chat rooms and I?ve heard chat rooms are supposed to be the ?in? thing know-a-days. This is one aspect of online exploring that doesn?t interest me so much. I think the name ?chat rooms? should be changed. Yes, it is a place where people go online and ?chat?, but I think it should be called the ?creative world.? Chat rooms are a great place for people to explore their creative side. Anyone can go into a chat room and create a different life for themselves or just create different stories.

My cousin for example goes on line and ?chats? with people. She doesn?t necessarily create a different life for herself, but she does create different ways to avoid telling people about herself. She may talk to the same person for months and never even tell them whether she is female or male. She just creates new ways to avoid the questions. I believe in a way it keeps her stimulated, it lets her explore her creative side. It stimulates her imagination.

Most of what I know about the Internet comes from what others have told me. Until recently I didn?t use the Internet often. It is not like I am on all the time now, but I?ve just recently started exploring more and fearing less of the Internet. I was very intimidated and in a way I still am. But it is always fun and exciting to explore, after all that is who America got discovered.

A very important subject is money and the Internet has become a big market for spending and making money. My brothers have just started investing their money online. My brothers have allowed their money to communicate with other people?s money online in an attempt to make what else, more money. They joined the ranks of so many others in the effort to make more money in the stock market. They placed their money in the stock market online with E-Trade. I am almost certain that they would not have placed their money in the stock market if it weren?t for the convenience of connecting online from their home computer. Being able to buy and sell stock from home makes it so much easier and comfortable to do so. So my brothers have made some money by investing online and I ask myself, ?Is it that simple?? ?Can I do it too?? ?Can I make money by connecting online with my money??

Being in this English class has already forced me to take a bigger step into the world of online communities. Having to post my class assignments on the computer where everyone can see and read my work is very foreign and scary for me. I am used to writing and typing my assignments for the teacher and turning them in. Once I turn in my assignment it is done. The teacher is the only one who reads my work. The teacher grades my work and hands it back to me. But putting my work online is so scary for me, because so many people can read it and who knows for how long my papers could be floating online. How do I know who is going to read this paper? And do I want you reading my paper?

?Who are you??

?Why are you reading my paper??

?Do you think my paper is any good??

?What year is it??

Section II- What I did?

Starting my I-Search of online communities is foreign ground for me. I decided to take it slowly. I first decided to do my I-Search on art teacher communities online. I chose art teachers communities because I am a Liberal Studies major with a concentration in art. I thought it would be interesting to choose a subject that I?m interested in and if I gain any information form my I-Search it will be to my advantage. It will be useful for me not only in the future when I will have my own classroom, but it can also be useful to me today as I am studying art and how to teach it.

I decided to begin slowly, get my feet wet before I jump in and possibly drown in the online computer world. There is an abundance of information out there, so many different communities. I knew from the begging that this project would be a big task for me, because the computer is not my best friend. The computer and I are just acquaintances, not best friends.

Before I really got started I decided to change my search from art teacher communities to just teacher communities. After all, my goal is to become an elementary school teacher not just an art teacher. I also changed my search to teacher communities because I think it would be easier to find online teacher communities rather then narrowing it down to online art teacher communities.

I began by going to different teacher and education websites. Most of the websites had a section to click on to communicate online with teachers, to ?chat? with teachers. I thought this is great, just what I?m looking for. When I clicked on the spot that was marked ?chat? I thought I would magically be transformed into this great world where only teachers venture to. I almost believed I would mystically be converged with people who have achieved something which is still only a dream for me. I?m sorry to say, "There was no magic!? subscribe was the only thing I got when I clicked on ?chat?. So in the name of chatting on line I subscribed. I followed the directions and gave them the basic information they where asking for. I filled out their forms with my e-mail address and my secret fill number. But nothing happened! I subscribed, now what? This project was starting to lose its glamour.

The next time I signed on and checked my e-mail I found I had gotten all these e-mails form different websites asking me to confirm my subscription. So I eagerly replied and confirmed my subscription. After I subscribed I stated getting all this e-mail from people I didn?t know. It was from teachers!

I began getting e-mail form Different teachers where posting questions and problems and others where responding with advice. I thought this is great hearing about problems that teachers are having today and reading different solutions to the problems. Someday I might have these same problems.

At first it was a bit confusing. I had to search for the original question or problem posted. In some cases this was more difficult, I was reading the responses and I didn?t know what the original question was. Once I got a handle on the process of what was going on it became more interesting. So I read and I read and I read. Most of the responses, although very helpful, started sounding the same.

One of the posted questions from from a student who was also doing an I-Search paper on teachers. I got very excited when I saw this question; I figured it would save me from posting my own similar question.

I clicked on the posted I-Search question. There was only one response for the question. One teacher responded and asked the student if he was a college student or a high school student and if he had considered doing his I-Search on a different profession. That was the only response. It was posted May 2, I keep checking for more responses, but there is still nothing. In fact most of the questions from this website are from fellow students who are asking for more information on the teaching profession. The responses these students are looking for remain mostly unanswered.

?Where are the teachers??

Section iii- What I discovered?

It is hard to write this section of my I-Search paper because I will never be done with my search. I will never stop learning and I will never stop searching for more information. Although it can be very frustrating at times it is also very interesting to join communities and communicate with people from all over the world. I can sit at home and communicate online with the world.

I had a teacher tell me once that being frustrated when doing a project is good. He said the frustration stage comes right before the discovery stage, which is when you realize you have completed your task. I believe he forgot to mention that it is very important not to quit at the frustration stage; the glory is still to come.

I think I would have enjoyed my I-Search project more if I had more time. My mind does not work as fast as a computer; I think I would have gotten more out of my online community search if perhaps I started from the beginning of the semester. If my online community search was an on going process throughout the semester, I could have written ten pages on just what I learned and what I discovered.

I believe online communities can be a positive way to explore. It is important to remember that excess of anything can be bad, including too much online communicating. I believe the Internet should never become a substitute for unplugged communities. If anything, online communities should only be used as a way to enhance life and should in no way become the only form of communication.

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