Principles Of Marketing

Principles Of Marketing
To begin with that I?m from country where hinting a gifts for better own life, for good education, great job, nice house, expensive car is absolutely normal in our society. But I would say that hinting gifts is corruption and nothing other. That?s why I would agree with my sales person recommendation ? will offer a new lcd TV as a gift to the sales agent. Therefore it doesn?t mean that I support corruption or will be use it in my future career. I only have an experience and would like to use it in my essay.
We can see corruption everywhere, in some countries more in some less. We all know that corruption is not a new phenomenon. It is centuries old.
If I had a company and could win a big account that will mean a lot to me and my company I would probably use one of the corruption methods. But we must know and remember that the presence of business-corruption in market provokes firms to make choices between legal business approaches and illegal bribery. Moreover, the outcome of a chosen strategy will usually be uncertain at the time when decision is made, and a firm?s decision will depend partly on its attitude towards risk. I should know if I can risk my company or not because describing the risks, uncertainties and benefits attached to bribery is very important for right decision making. If I knew for sure that my company is not under the risk I will make a decision to deliver a new lcd TV to buyer?s home as a ?gift?. Maybe you think that my conduct is fraudulently and false and you might be right.
But I would do it in case that my company would have a difficult financial situation, if I would not have finances to pay to employees, if my company becomes bankrupt. Of course, in this case I would try to do all my best for improving and developing my company. In addition, it?s look illegally way of working but if I find a good decision and send this lcd TV as an usual thing, as a present for successful sales, it would not look as a bribery.
Now I would like write briefly about my own opinion on briberies. I think that only bad and non success companies will corrupt for better account and my company what I was writing about, actually, was not success. In this case some companies may use corrupt way of solving this problem, some conversely legal and truly. But even though I used not the best way for win a big account I would try to use it only once. I think that some companies have done it once, after received positive results and they were keeping bribe. I support the thing that once everything bad will come out and after this you will lost a truth in your customers, partnerships and company?s reputation speedily go down.
Corruption is both a major cause and result of poverty around the world. That?s why I wouldn?t want to make my company poor and unvalued in the future.

Not so very long ago, a woman considering a career at sales did not consider very long ? just long enough to realize that the doors were closed to her. Today, the doors are open and women have much more opportunity to increasing theirs self in working positions. I was thinking a lot who would be better candidate for sales position ? man or woman?
If I hire the woman because she is more talented and could be better candidate for position in sales, I can lose most profitable customers from ?old boy? school.
So, what I?m going to do? I decided to hire female person for this position in sales. I am aware of that can lose a few an important customers for my firms but I believe that this woman will bring success to my company in future. In addition I hope that if we even lose some customers, with time we can find new clients who would be such profitable as customer before them. I can?t hire male person just because he is ?man? and just because bashful customers from ?old boys? school prefer dealing with men. I support the view that talented, capable and kind person is a big win for our company and it doesn?t matter if it is male or female person. Moreover, I think there is nothing different between women and men; everything with hard working, everyone can do well. Additionally, it depends on what is being sold.
As far as I know, the most important factor is that in any sales position sales must know product what they are offering. Assume I have personality for sales and in walks two equally qualified individuals, one is a man the other is a woman. I think if woman is attractive, intelligent, communicative, with niceness she wins hands down every time! Maybe you think, I support woman in sales just because I?m woman, but it is not true. From my own experience, bigger part of population prefers dealing with woman. Woman is better prepared. Woman is more creative. Woman has more empathy. To my mind, women are better than men in selling things and it?s a fact. Selling requires lots of conversations and women are better at that. Maybe it?s seems strangely, but I think that woman also can make men spend more, buy more? even stupid, useless, very expensive things. Moreover, women take more notes, they?re more careful, they remember, they tune into the client?s desired results.
In conclusion, if I were in situation that You was observing about, I would hire a female person with hoping that this talented woman will bring more and more customer to our company in future. Therefore, women play an increasingly important role in the trade. Many of them they are successful traders!

As a new marketing manager for a company that manufactures a cellular phone that takes transmit video films and pictures I should organize a promotional program that includes both pull and push strategies. Marketing theory distinguishes between two main kinds of promotional strategy ? push and pull. What actually mean these two strategies? Pull marketing is where you develop advertising and promotional strategies that are meant to entice the prospect to buy your product or service. Push marketing is where you develop advertising and promotional strategies geared toward your marketing and distribution channels to entice them in promoting your product. Another say, pull strategy is when you want to sell your product by yourself, and push is when you sell your product someone who will sell it (B2B). With ever changing technology and style trends, new cell phone models appear on the market almost daily. So, it?s not something new and extra. We can see so many successful promotions for different products. We have the main two strategies for promotional program. Let?s start talking about push strategy. We must remember that we promote the product to wholesalers, the wholesalers promote it to retailers, and the retailers promote it to consumers.
With this strategy, we try to sell directly to the consumer, bypassing other distribution channels. With this type of strategy, our promotions and advertising are the most likely promotional tools. I think that personal selling and trade promotions would be the most effective promotional tools for our company. Communication with buyers is very important and it?s one type of promotions. We also should determine who the target buyer is. It is very important to know to what companies or to whom we are going to sell our new cellular phones and promoting. We can also include wholesale discounts, kickbacks, bonuses, and other types of support. It?s all designed to have the retailer promote our product to the end users over a different product.
What about pull strategy? I think as a pull strategy we can use advertising, marketing, sales decision making, different discounts and benefits. We must let consumers know about our company and the product. Additionally, a pull selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build consumer demand for product. We also will try to create a sense of increased, time limited value so that the customer will come into our own store to buy cellular phones. So, if our strategy will be successful, consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask us!
In conclusion, I think that just one strategy will not give us as good of a return. I think that we need to balance both strategies to create a great marketing mix that powerfully entices customers to come through our door. Some customers react to one type or to the other!

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