Recovering Mia

Recovering Mia
The morning drew closer as the sun raised itself from the mountains that where camouflaged as black shadows in the distance. The cold air lingered moulding itself around the tiny village below. The temperature was deathly; it stung people?s skin as though daggers pierced their body fiercely.
The village below was towered over by the extremely steep hills beside it. The shadows hovered over the village, causing an abandoned feeling to emit from the area.
The only visible movement that was present in the seemingly deserted village was located at number 16, Woodwork Avenue. The Street was unsurprisingly dull, fog surrounded the village. A light that flickered at the end of the street was the most distance view visible to the human eye.
It was a woman that broke the rare stillness, she half ran, half walked towards her house. She was obviously unwilling to risk freezing in the abnormal temperature that swarmed around the village. Her face highly resembled a statue, showing no sign of emotion, though her heavy eyes showed tints of tiredness and depression. Her mousey blonde hair swayed as she disappeared through the door of her house.
Once inside, she dragged herself forcefully across the off-white tiled floor; her topaz coloured eyes contained a look of fear, though the rest of her face remained still, as though she was trying to desperately hide the emotion that transmitted from her eyes. She stopped at the phone and quickly dialled a number; it was so quiet the ringing vibrated around the room.
?Hello,? a voice whispered from the phone.
?Put Mia on,? Diane?s voice demanded.
?Okay, make it quick?
Diane impatiently tapped the desk as she waited to speak to her daughter. She was afraid.
?Hello,? squeaked a young excited voice.
Diane jumped, her eyes turned dazed, it took a couple of seconds for them to refocus. Pain shocked across her face.
?Mummy, are you there?? Her daughter whispered, questioning her presence.
?Yes I?m hear darling,? Diane announced.
?Are you coming to see me soon??
?Yes, I-I will, I will soon h-honey,? Diane stuttered. Her breathing was quick as she franticly circled the room.
?Okay, I Love you Mummy.?
?Love you too, I will see you soon, I must go now?? Diane whispered. Her voice broke off as her eyes glittered in agony. It took her a couple of seconds to finish her sentence. ?Bye honey.?
?Bye Bye.?
Mia`s voice was replaced by another, a unfamiliar voice. ?Make it quick,? snapped the voice darkly. Then the voice was replaced with a continuous beep.
Diane?s hands shook, her face was so pale a white pearly glow seemed to emit from her crinkled skin as she reluctantly ended the call and placed the phone in its previous position. The short phone calls repeated themselves on a daily bases. The truth was Diane seemed mentally unable to live through the day without hearing her daughter?s voice, although once hearing her voice it instantly upset her and prevented her from continuing the phone call for much longer. She refused to let her daughter feel her pain.
To Diane, it felt like just yesterday when two men knocked on her door. She watched helplessly in horror as her sleeping daughter was snatched away. She could almost hear the agonizing scream echo in her head, the same scream that came directly from the pit of her stomach. No one heard her. She saw that her scream had awoken her daughter, she looked into Mia`s tearful shocking blue eyes until they was out of view. She lay there, as though she was experiencing pain that she had never encountered in her life.
A letter lay next to her addressed to Diane on the letter it said?
You are not to call the police, because you love your daughter to much to risk the consequences. You will not contact or tell anyone. Only use the phone to ring this number 01737789543, once a day you can speak to your daughter. You cannot stay on the phone for more than 25 seconds. On the 28th of January you will exchange 3.5million pounds for your daughter, If not she will die. I will provide you with more information when the time comes.
Ps: Don?t make it obvious to anyone. For your daughter?s sake, think about what you are doing.
It had been three week since she was first delivered that letter, although the memory was clear. Bank letters lay spread around the room. Most surfaces were thick with dust. The house stood perfectly still, too still.
Failure for her daughter tortured her. Her mind was blank. Her body was numb, no matter how much pain would inflict her now; she wouldn?t feel it. Her mind felt as though it was dislocated from her body. Her eyes stared, though they were seeing nothing. The last hint of hope had escaped her. She had tried, she attempted every thought that flickered through her mind, tried every stupid idea no matter how unlikely it was to receive preferred outcome.
Her mind flashed back to the incident one week ago, when all her hope that had been confided into this one last desperate plea for help.
Her mind revisited the exclusive office, marble ornaments stood spotlessly around the room; they almost glowed because of the unlimited light that shone through the tall stained glass windows. Diane had walked confidently towards the large leather chair that had its back to her, as she did this her shoes taped loudly against the dark yet rich wooden floor that echoed faintly due to the room?s huge frame and its silence. Diane remembered the joy that had took over her whole body she remembered the feeling of victory.
Before she reached the leather chair it spun round, presenting a man who had been already been sat there. The man was obviously in his mid 50`s, his dark gray hair stood out against the brightness of the rest of the room. His topaz eyes were placed on Diane?s face. She stared back; she noticed her eyes were a perfect colour match to the man?s. Diane felt her face flush. The man?s eyes narrowed and it was him that broke the silence.
?Ha, con! You?ve come for money haven?t you? It was just last week someone tried the same old trick, be a bit more creative darling, do you realise how many broken money seekers want to be me daughter eh? Where`s the proof?? The man almost shouted. He looked amused, although his face had gone red. Diane`s jaw nearly dropped. Disappointment combined with agony took over her.
Diane hadn?t expected this; she had gone through the plan in her head, expecting the ending only a fairy tale would have. Although her confidence had almost instantly banished, she told herself she had won this argument, well she had to try. Her hands shook as she placed them into her black tattered bag she pulled out a brown envelope and slammed in on the dark wooden desk.
?My birth certificates, Edward? Diane explained, emphasising her dad?s name.
Though her dads face remained straight, she was sure she saw his eyes widen because of this a jolt of determination shot through her body.
Her dad carefully examined the papers that had undoubtedly been concealed in the envelope and smiled. Diane had let of a sigh of relief; this is what she had been hoping for, however Diane realised that this wasn?t a nice or happy smile, it was almost sinister. Her dad was mocking her.
?Your point is exactly? I could have many children for all I know. Fact is I don?t care. If I gave money to every stranger that claims to be my daughter, it?s clear I wouldn?t be sat here now.? He snapped and then he started laughing.
That sentence that came out of her dad?s mouth had replayed itself constantly in her mind. The last thing she remembered of her dad was his amused face as she struggled away from the security guards that dragged her fiercely out of the building.
She had two more days. Her mind was blank; it felt like it had been beaten to a pulp. What exactly could she do, that didn?t involve robbing a bank? It was so aggravating for Diane, knowing it would be impossibly reckless getting the police involved. She would have no help from anyone; she would have to do it all independently. She knew she could never get 3.5million pounds. The bank had already turned her down, and her dad had rejected her. Maybe there was another way, Diane thought.
Then it hit her. This idea was the most dangerous plan she would attempt, it would contain the most dreadful consequences she would ever encounter if it failed. However she had no other choice, she could never live with herself knowing she didn?t try everything for Mia, she would have to live with her mind questioning whether she would of succeeded it she risked the plan.
Diane spent the next two days constantly writing letters, and browsing the internet. She frequently got aggregated with herself and her eyes gradually became more bloodshot as she continued to refuse to sleep. She worked until the last minute of the day on the 27th February. She finally put the pencil that has worn into her skin, and decided to get some sleep before the adjoining day.
On the 28th February 2009 Diane woke up terrified and anxious, however the amazing smile on her face was so radiant it seemed to brighten to room. The unusual intensity of light that transmitted from the sun shone elegantly, as though it was encouraging Diane to keep hope. The birds sung lively whistles that echoed lightly though the house sounded like marvellous music to Diane?s ears.
She put on her clothes that she had picked out the previous night; she had decided on a black formal suit. She then dialled the number her daughter kidnapper left with her, once again it was so quite the ringing surrounded the room.

?Diana? answered a familiar voice. His tone of voice showed that he was expecting her call.
?Where am I expected to go?? asked Diana.
?The flat underneath the town clock, ask for McGee.? The voice explained
?And my daughter??
?Will be exchanged for the money?
Yet again the fairly familiar voice was replaced by a continuous beep. This was what she had been waiting for, a good chance of reclaiming her daughter. Although she was more terrified then she was willing to let her face reflect, her legs miraculously made it down the stair without collapsing. She shook so hard it looked as though she was vibrating. She grabbed a readily packed briefcase and left the house.
As she drove towards the town clock paranoia swept over her, she repeatedly glanced into the car mirrors and constantly examined to roads and areas behind her. On what must have been her 100th glance a car stole her attention. The car was quite plain; however it was obviously made for fast speed. Diane froze, although she new deep down she knew it would never have been easy. The man driving the car was very broad and muscular; his eyes were extremely concentrated and dark, almost black. His face was shaped on an odd angle, and his fists were clenched over the steering wheel. He was the perfect bodyguard, so perfect he was almost over exaggerated. A gadget that was located on the man?s ear was just visible to Diane?s sight. He was watching her; they must be well prepared for deception.
So she was being cornered, Diane spend the rest of the drive calculating her chances of escaping, they weren?t very good. She also watched the features of the town as she drove past, she tried to contain every small detail of the many objects that were contained in the town. If she was going to die, shed want to bring every detail of her life with her. She came back to her senses once she had reached her destination.
The clock stood, leaning on one side as always. The area was deserted. She was already out of the car by the time the man parked up. She breathed heavily and walked to the entrance of the flat, she could hear the second pair of footsteps tapping at a steady pace behind her. She entered, as she walked her eyes hardly saw anything although she was staring, her mind was too preoccupied with the fact that she was barley 50 metre away from her daughter. It felt like hours walking up the last few steps the creaking that was coming from the floors burned Diane?s ears. She opened the door, it squeaked as she entered the room.
Diane had the absorb many various activities at once, adrenaline rush must of made her brain move quicker. Her daughter was sat on a wooden chair; she was asleep despite the noise and large company beside her. 6 men with exact body-structures as the man what followed her hear, stood spread out around the room, they all looked ruff and unshaven however they all had a smug smile planted on their face. A small plump man, who?s body shape was opposite of the others stood in the centre of the room seemed to be the ring-leader, his face consisted of no emotion. His long nose pointed downwards and his heavy eyelids where permanently drooped. His jaw was stiff and un-natural as he spoke.
?How much is in the bag Diane?? he asked, curiously. He took no notice of Diane; he just stared at her briefcase like a young child, drooling at his toys.
?Nothing more nor less than three and a half million pounds. Which is what you asked for isn?t it?? answered Diane, Her confidence bounced off her skin.
The plump man raised his eyebrows but before he could speak Diane interrupted. ? Now let?s make the switch, my patience as ran away from me due to the last couple of weeks, don?t you agree?? her broad English ascent was taking over the scene. She knew she was pushing her luck, yet she could not waste any more time. She would have to get her daughter and run, before they thoroughly checked the money.
The plump man narrowed his eyebrows in annoyance but nodded, he flicked his fingers at one of the men, and automatically the man picked up Mia easily and passed her her daughter, it was obvious she had been given sleeping pills, but the faster they got out, the faster Mia could be treated . Standing around arguing with this man would solve nothing. Diane turned to leave, but another large man stood in the way.
?One moment Diane, Just have to check to money. Its routine y? no,? the man explained Diane?s unspoken question.
Diane?s heart nearly skipped a beat. This is what she had been dreading, surely crooks like these had experience in the difference between real and fake money. She held her breath as the man opened the brief case and glanced quickly at the money, His eyes turned serious and once again lay on her face.
?Let her go? the man ordered
Diane became dazed; it felt like the world had disappeared under her feet. It was almost impossible to keep her expression straight, but she managed. She walked out the door with her daughter tight in her arms, she was victorious.
How she got back to the car, she didn?t know nor care.
Once in the car the most raging voice shed ever heard screamed so violently it scorched her ears. They had found out! She knew she had not a moment to waste, it wasn?t just her life on the line; her daughters were to. She immediately started the engine and drove. She could already hear other cars racing behind her, and the terrifying sounds of wheels skidding across the floor were ringing in the air. Once again the adrenalin rush caused her mind to work quicker; she knew where she had to go.
Suddenly she felt a bump from the back of her car and she lost control for a second, yet fortunately gained it back. A second car banged into the right side of her car, it crushed the mirror completely and caused a deafening shatter. An ear piercing scream came from the back of the car; the second crash had woken her daughter. Determination to save her daughter brightened inside of her, she violently swerved around the corner. She had another thirty seconds of this to go. Another bang took-place from the back of the car yet again, but this time her windows smashed. They were firing bullets at her.
She could see the police station now, desperately she swerved again to gain time, and everything went blank.
Diane could hear noises in the background, although she could see nothing. Her mind was spinning; it was unusually difficult to make sense of the voices she could ear. Fortunately she slowly regained her vision, despite her attempts to automatically open her eyes, and her daughter came to view. Diane smiled, flowers lay around the room everywhere, the whole town must have heard about her story. Although Diane took no notice of anything else but Mia, miraculously she was not seriously harmed from the crash.
Just like Diane, the men that followed her, crashed. They had tried to avoid Diane?s car to prevent their own injury, yet crashed into each other. The police were sorting the case out.
Everything was blurred, like a dream. It seemed impossible, but she had her daughter back.

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