Living in Luxury

Living in Luxury
When someone commits a crime one would expect for that person to have certain privileges taken away. After a suspect is read his or her rights nowhere in the Miranda Rights does it say that you have the right to serve your time in luxury. Some might ask what luxury is; luxury is not a necessity and one could live without it. There are many things prisoners have access to that are uncalled for and unnecessary.First, by no means should prisons bribe or give inmates certain privileges to do better. In this day and age it is getting a little ridiculous. Prisons should not have anything that one would have in the comfort of their own home. For instance, cable television is not necessary for prisons. Basic local channels should be good enough for them to watch the news and whatever comes on basic television. In some prisons they even have hbo and Cinemax, which are premium channels. Watching movies and knowing what is going on in the entertainment world is not important. Weight sets or rooms have been in prison yard for years and should be used as an incentive for good behavior. The only damage it could do is make an inmate physically fit and or more muscular. Cell phones and cell phone access is too much. They do not need to be able to talk to someone on a personal phone. People in prison do not have anything but time on their hands. The time they have can be used to read and write letters. They are not going anywhere, the same goes for internet access and email addresses. What do they need this for? They do not have any business in jail or prison and if they do they should not. Prisoners getting a degree can be very beneficial and should be offered in a rehabilitation program. It should be optional if the inmate wants to take advantage of it. On the reverse if an inmate truly changes his or her life around this could be great for him or her. The only thing they will have to worry about is an employer not hiring him or her because they do not want to take the chance on an ex prisoner. Everyone should have the right to decent health care even if they are in prison. Problem is that people who are not in prison have problems getting decent health care without having to pay an arm and a leg. If health care does not become affordable for people outside of prison, a lot of people are going to start committing random crimes just to get health care. Internet access and emails is outrageous, they need the internet and email addresses for? All they need is a paper, pen (pencil), envelop, and a stamp. They committed a crime and should not have this luxury. A lot of people do not have a computer let alone internet access. Having certain luxuries in prison is not helping these prisoners it is only reinforcing their negative behavior. There are many things that go on behind bars, but from the outside looking in it does not seem so bad considering all the luxury. If incarcerated one would be provided with: three meals daily, cable television, internet access and email addresses, weight sets, and decent health care. To top it off some even have jobs while incarcerated and in addition to all the luxuries, they do not have to pay any monthly expenses like rent and utilities. If one did not know any better they would think prison is the place to be.
In addition, all prisons should have rehabilitation programs offered to prison inmates to get their lives back on track so they will not have to return to prison. It should prepare them for their release and they should meet with the prisoners after they are release. This can help reduce the number of inmates coming back to prison because they do not want to be monitored after they are released. Prisons need to get back to the basics: if you do the crime you do the time. When did it become okay for the inmates to have the luxuries they have now? The better question would be who is paying for these inmates to be comfortable in prison. Rehabilitation programs should be an incentive for inmates to be on good behavior. It should be opened up to anyone who are sincerely trying to turn their lives around for the better. The programs main goal should be to help inmates do well in prison and to continue to do well once they are released. The programs should not consist of any forms of luxury. Prisons offering the program its self should be an incentive for inmates to do better. It should also teach them how to function once they return home and how to prevent returning to prison.
Besides, when a parent punishes their child he or she takes something away as a form of punishment. Prisons should not be any different. When a person commits a crime he or she made the decision to give up their freedom. Freedom should not be the only thing taken away from a criminal and prisons should not make an inmate feel comfortable while they are serving their sentence. It should be so uncomfortable that no one would ever want to return. Many people who go to prison get so use to being incarcerated, that they do not know how to function outside of prison. This could be prevented if the inmate was encouraged to do well and is on good behavior and were involved in a rehabilitation program. In Arizona a prison, ran by lawman Joe Arpaio, cut down on a lot of unnecessary things in his prison. He took out coffee and switched the sandwiches to bologna. This saved taxpayers a great deal of money. He also makes the inmates pay for his or her food, which is worse than food for an animal. Some people feel like the way Arpaio antics are cruel and inhumane because of the way he runs his facility. They feel that these inmates are still human beings and still have rights. (cnn)
Third, there are many things that go on behind bars that are not so peaches and cream. This does not give a criminal the right to luxury items while incarcerated. It is unfortunate what happens behind bars, but maybe there should be an increase in guards and maybe surveillance cameras. In truth many inmates are still involved in criminal activity from the inside, so why reward them with luxury? One will be amazed at how prisoners make due on the inside. In many prisons inmates can even make a living by operating their own stores. This activity is usually discovered during searches. Inmates use the resources they have to make weapons, and even have drugs smuggled into the prison. As silly as it may sound there are even rules in prison, and it is ironic because breaking the law is what got them to where they are. For example, there is a hierarchy in prison, cop killers, lifers and those who committed crimes using a gun. On the bottom of the hierarchy are child molesters, they are like the kid at school no one likes and has a target on their back. The guards have a hard protecting these inmates from the other inmates. (Bruton) If inmates can get this creative while on the inside, what is the need for luxury?
Next, are celebrities and public figures above the law? There have been a number of public figures and celebrities who have had their share of encounters with the law. It would make one wonder what kind of treatment they are receiving while behind bars. We would also wonder if an average person were to commit the same crime would they too get the same sentencing as a celebrity. These public figures should not be above the law because of their money and influence. It is understandable that a public figure would have some different treatment than other inmates but at the end of the day they committed a crime, so law and order is a must. For example famous rap artist Lil Wayne had to have some dental work done because of this his prison sentence was pushed back. Having to have dental work done should not have determined whether a criminal?s sentence begins, especially since they have decent health care for inmates. Another example would be Martha Stewart, she also had trouble with the law and the punishment she received any other felon would have loved to have. A lot of Martha?s punishment was anything but punishment. She was in a prison camp which did not have any bars, and yes she was in general population but she still had other perks while in prison. During Martha?s stay in a federal women?s camp she ate from a vending machines, participated in nightly yoga classes and spent some time on crafts and writing. That is an outrage; she was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and lying to the government. Those charges are very serious and if it had been anyone else they most likely would have been treated differently. (Hancock) It is ironic how the more money or fame an individual has the better they seem to get treated in prison or jail. They bleed just like every other human bleeds and should not be treated any better because they are a star or public figure.
Lastly, with all these people going to jail and prison, who is paying for it? It is a waste of taxpayer?s money to keep housing these criminals. It is ridiculous for taxpayer?s to pay for prison inmates to have the things that they have on our dime. About $43 thousand dollars is spent annually is spent each year to house inmates and five percent goes towards rehabilitation programs. (Rehabilitation) The government needs to find a better way to run these prisons because it is very expensive. Since they have jobs while inside of prison, maybe they should be charged for their stay while in prison. It would help those who pay taxes a great deal.
In conclusion when someone breaks the rules or does something wrong there is a consequence that follows. They same goes for those who commit crimes. Every person has rights but at the same time if one commits a crime they need to be prepared for punishment. Along with rights everyone has a choice, whether the choice that has to be made is difficult or not. If someone decides to commit a crime they need to be held accountable for their actions. The justice system would not be doing them or anyone else any favors otherwise. Having luxuries in prison is very unnecessary and it is not teaching the criminal anything. The prisoner could use that time to think about how they are going to change their life or think about the crime they committed. What is this teaching those of us in the free world? From the outside looking in prison doesn?t seem all that bad. Prison has it bad sides but for those that live or have grown up in rough areas prison might be bearable. They have all over their needs met and then some. The only thing that would make prison more enjoyable would be if they were co-ed and that would be going too far in accommodating these criminals.

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