Draining Lake Powell

Draining Lake Powell
This paper explores the fight between draining Lake Powell and keeping it as is. It discusses the gains and the losses due to environmental, economical, and political issues. The bibliography uses sources from public interest publications, environmental organizations newsletters, and government publications to give many sides of the argument and many issues dealing with the subject matter.
CQ weekly is a paper that focuses on the actions of the US government. They call themselves ?100 reporters and editors, focused solely on Congress, analyze trends, members and upcoming Hill activity.? The paper actually shuts down when the senate and house is at recess. This article spotlights a bill giving money to water and power studies and plan implementation. The article is a good informative letter on the use of this money, and plans that the government has for it. It shows actual thoughts and decisions from US senators and representatives. It shows the use of money to specific programs, as well as totals. It is a good source to find the economic drains and helps along with the government sentiments on the subject.
Franklin, Chris ?Let the Colorado River run free? Earth Island Journal Spring 97: 23.

The Earth Island Journal comes from the Earth Island Institute, an environmental foundation which is dedicated to the protecting of our worlds environment, plants, and animals. It did seem strange that in the mission statement they mentioned one living thing to save, the sea turtle. They were created in 1982, and have 32 worldwide projects. Their journal, the Earth Island Journal, is said to be a ?tree free? print. What is it printed on I wonder? This article focuses on more than Lake Powell; it talks about the 11 dams which are now on the Colorado, and the ecological changes which are taking place along the whole of the river. It uses examples from the Glen Canyon dam to help the argument, but still does not talk about any positive changes in the Colorado River ecosystem.
?Glen Canyon: Just Drain It!? Earth Island Journal, Autumn 2000: 24.

The article which comes from this Journal above described was very informative. It focuses mostly on draining Lake Powell, but did give information on what good comes from the lake. The organization is for draining the lake, so articles that come from the journal will all be to this bias. The information coming from the article gave explicit information of the canyon before and after the making of the lake, as well as changes which it brought about.
McManus, Reed ?Down Come the Dams? Sierra Mau/June 98: 16.

Sierra Magazine comes from the Sierra Club, which is the oldest environmental group in the US, started in 1892. There are now over 700,000 members which are dedicated to exploring, saving, and helping to restore the wild places on earth through lawful means. The Sierra Club is the number one supporter of draining Lake Powell, is being their idea. This article focuses on the comparison of the Glen Canyon Dam to other dams around the US. It tells of the gains from taking down the dams and the losses received from putting more up. It compares these losses to what is happening in Glen Canyon. It is weak in the side of not introducing gains from dams and hydroelectric power.
?Unemployment Rate Drops to 6%.? Arizona Daily Sun 08 Nov. 2003: A1

The Arizona Daily Sun is a local Flagstaff newspaper which focuses on nearby events and happenings as well as US and world issues. Though this article did now reflect exactly on the subject of Lake Powell and the Glan Canyon Dam, it did give good economic information about what is happening in the US which could be used in examples in a work about the lake and dam. The article itself focuses on the rate changes in unemployment and the state of the economy in the US. It does not state solutions or definite outcomes of these problems, but did relate it to other local issues.
Wilke, Anne W. ?Should Lake Powell be drained?? E Magazine: The Environmental Magazine Jan/Feb98:19.

E magazine differs from that of the Sierra and Earth Island journals in that it is not affiliated with an environmental activist group. The magazine was created to get out information about what is going on in today?s environment to inform and to inspire people to get out and do something about it. This article is short and concise, only giving basic information about the dam and the battle. It has strength in this in that it leaves the reader to decide on their own which side should win the argument, and to which side the reader would like to join, though at the and of the letter, it does hint at removal of the dam because of we know its betterment at this time. It does lack much information about the dam itself and the area, these details in which are very much needed to tell the difference between the causes and effects of problems along with their solutions.
Zengerle, Jason ?Water over the damn? New Republic 24 Nov. 97: 20.

The New Republic is a magazine that is dedicated to information having to do with the US, from government policy to other citizen controversy. Its articles use the perspective of the writers to convey subject of political and cultural importance to the readers. The article highlights the Sierra Club and its efforts on the draining of Lake Powell. The writer gives both sides of the argument, showing in detail, what can be gained and lost from the existence, or draining of the reservoir. It has strength in its use of analyzing the arguments of another group, and taking outside sources to refute or backup those arguments. There is a focus on the peoples, governments, and groups perspective on the idea. The final thoughts are what bring it all together as a paper refuting the clubs argument, if not only analyzing it.
Creative Writing, Appreciated Subject

A Different Culture, A Different Look

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Trips like this one are common, but usually only happen once on the camp. This is the day where the lake you are going to has no road leading to it, meaning there are usually no people around, meaning shooting at things and catching fish becomes much more fun and free. ?Hey dipshit, your rifles is about to fall of that hook on the top? ?That?s why I got the bungey cord on the side fuckface? The three assholes start off into the forest to find something to kill, and something else to break. These are the things that assholes do alone in the woods. Their heavy packs weigh them down at first, but soon they fall into a rhythm on the trail. Eyes dart from side to side, always looking from what lurks in the shadows. ?Tweety!? yells one of the assholes as he points. With expert timing and movement he swings his rifle down from his pack from into his hands, aiming straight at a small spruce tree. 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