Water Pollution: Problem Caused by Household Chemicals and Waste

Water Pollution: Problem Caused by Household Chemicals and Waste
My topic in this research paper is water pollution, which is one of the biggest problems that we have to face nowadays. Water pollution is a change in the chemical or physical condition of the water that impairs man?s enjoyment of water. Looking at the water is the only human use that allows water to be returned to the stream or lake unchanged in quantity or quality
There are so many sources of water pollution and until now I didn?t realize that I was one of them. When I clean my house, especially the kitchen and the bathroom, I use the strongest product on the market to disinfect them. Also when I take out the garbage I am polluting the water. ?Entering sewers in dissolved form are the soaps, synthetic detergents, bleaches, and other chemicals used by the housewife. From homes also come various disposable paper products, including toilet tissue and babies? diapers? (Sources 336). It is a shame. It sounds as if we do something with our hands and destroy it with our feet. I really wish there was a way for me or us to clean our houses without polluting the environment around us.

I felt a little bit better later on, while investigating water pollution problems. I read an article about a housewife named Lorrie Coterill from Athens, Texas, who discovered near her home barrels leaking diesel fuel and a sludge containing lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other dangerous substances. These were illegally dumped and they were contaminating the ground water used by the neighborhood. Later on Lorrie Coterill became an environmentalist in her state (Countryman 1). This story about Lorrie Coterill made me feel better because I thought that at least one of us, a housewife, was doing something more than just adding pollutants to the water.

Right now the only way I can think of to stop polluting the water is not to clean our houses. That?s not a good idea at all.

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