Atmospheric Pollution Control

Atmospheric Pollution Control
Pollution of air is very common and dangerous. Many of the industries have become the major sources of air pollution. The air pollutants are carbon compounds, sulfur compounds, hydrocarbons and metals. Control of the atmospheric pollution is done by reducing the usage of the hydrocarbons and fuels for the vehicles. Unleaded petrol can be used for vehicles.
Control of atmospheric pollution in vehicles:
Arrange for proper mixing of fuel and air.
Maintain the proper quantity and the phase of use of fuel.
Add appropriate additives for more resourceful use of fuel.
Condense the toxicity of drain gas by introducing air into the exhaust pipe.
Modify and undertake research in the engine design from time to time.
Spraying of fuel instead of its fluid transfer should be used. By doing this, the amount of non burnt carbon can be reduced.
The petrol should not contains any lead product can be used.
Compressed Natural Gas (cng) should be used as an unusual fuel.
Control of atmospheric pollution in industry:

Cyclone collector is used to removes the particles by centrifuging the gases.
Electrostatic precipitators have the electrical charge that is generated on the particles in the smoke and then they are drawn towards electrodes and removed. Around 90% particulate pollutants are removed.
In removal of gaseous the pollutants from chimney, smoke.
In wet systems, the smoke is made to pass through various solvents and the pollutants are removed.
In dry steams, the smoke is passed through various gas- absorbent substances. These substances absorb pollutant gases on their surfaces.
Atmospheric pollution can be controlled through legislation at the state and the national levels.
Control of atmospheric pollution- noise in atmosphere:

The decibel value of noise can be condensed at its point of origin.
Barriers can be formed and the spread as well as the cause of noise can be reduced.
Muffling methods for sound can be developed through proper research in the design of industrial machinery, vehicles and drilling machines.

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