Our Environment

Our Environment
Our environment faces many problems today, and as we advance into the 21st century the problems that we face become more and more evident. Inflation on luxuries that we house today like gasoline and electricity have increased dramatically over the past half century. Other problems faced such as population and hunger, not only in 3rd world countries, but right here in the United States as well, have struck hard as the population of people have increased so greatly that our world cannot control the lower class people of the world. As the population increases, the need for land has increased as well, clearly if there is more people on the earth more land will definitely be consumed.
Our society today is depending more and more automobile transportation. Our country has the capability to decrease the prices of gasoline to a more socially acceptable level but we choose not to tap into our oil reserves and as our foreign relations are not becoming any friendlier, our prices at the gas pump are increasing at record levels. Some professionals estimate that, in five years, prices per gallon will reach up to five dollars per gallon. This shows the attempt of the government to make mass transportation be a more practical choice.
Another economical issue that our society shows concern towards is that of our present utility crisis. Situations like the one currently happening in California could be one faced by more Americans in the near future. Our country believes that the bigger and brighter it is, the better. In reflection of these actions is shown by the shortage of electricity in California. As our country grows we simply are having a problem keeping up, this usage of electricity is also a reflection of another problem faced worldwide, population.
We strive and strive for medical advantages and ways to stay alive but we obviously do not put enough emphasis on over population prevention or birth control. The knowledge of how to prevent pregnancy in the third world countries and even the younger generations of people in our own country is one main reason why we are faced with this problem. Until we find a way to make our society understand the world does not expand with the population this problem will increase more and more.
As the population grows, so does the consumption of food. Our country, although faced hunger problems within, work together with other countries to try to distribute food to over populated areas in poorer countries, but as their population grows, so does the need for help. Until the population growth slows down the hunger throughout the world, in my opinion, will remain and indefinitely increase.
Another problem faced mainly in reaction to the population growth, is the shortage of land we are being confronted with. Environmentalists are enraged by the destruction of our forest throughout the country, and the media has made it apparent the land in other countries is being affected as well. Along with the increasing number of people needing shelter the belief of society, in my opinion, is the bigger the better. We as a society need to acknowledge the problem at hand and realize that we do not have an endless supply of land and trees, maybe if we would take more concern about the future instead of the present, we would recognize the problem more clearly.
These problems are just a few of the main problems faced worldwide today, and will probably remain as our society gets more and more complex. People have confronted these problems in many different ways, my opinion is if we started by taking control of the population of our planet the other problems that we face such as shortages on gas, land, and food will become more manageable.

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