Environment Influences

Environment Influences
We understand for environment as things that are around us such as, lights, comfort, space, privacy, people, temperature etc. In this occasion we will be referring to environment as our family and friends, those who are around us, who share with us, those we admire and someday we want to be just like them. How they could be a good or bad influence at the time to take a decision in our life. We will learn the importance of being in a good environment and how the environment is joined to our habits and behavior. The way we are raise plays a very important role in our future. When we grew up the friends we chose could be a bad example for us, we could learn bad habits from them and this habit will be part of your behavior for the rest of your life. What do we need to do? We need to change our bad habits and replace them putting in practice new and good habits. Also remember the habits will become part of your behavior and it will help you to determine the person you want to be and you will succeed.
First of all, let?s talk about the environment. Take a look around you and do not pay attention to the material things, pay special attention to people who are with you, friends, family, now ask yourself: Is this people a good or bad influence? Do they encourage you in what you want to do with your life? Do they give you good advices? Are they hardworking people? Or they stay at home all day watching TV while mom and dad are at work and their sibling at school? We need to be very careful with the environment where we live or study if we want to become successful professionals. We can be incorporating new habits that we won?t want later. Watch out, do not let that your environment make of you a person you will regret later. As Loersch et al. (2008) wrote, how studies have proved that people is motivated to do things when see people of their same groups doing it ?This paper tests the hypothesis that goal contagion is more likely between people who belong to the same groups. Because past work on goal contagion has required participants to read about the behavior of others, we also test whether goals are caught when one sees rather than reads about another?s motivated behavior? (1555-1558). The type of environment we are living now will lead us to our next succeed or fail. Environment has a powerful influence in us and will change our habits.
To be successful in life and to accomplish our goals, we need to create good habits and throw away the bad ones. How can we make a habit and how long it takes? All we need to do is practice and practice to incorporate a habit in our daily routine. Experts say to create a habit takes twenty-one days. After these days, it will be part of our life for the rest of it. For example, when we start going to the gym, the first week is painful, and then we do not feel pain anymore because our body has gotten used. The same happens with a new habit, the more we practice it the more we get use to. A good definition of habits will be routine, thanks to the habits we can have an idea what we can do next after we get up every morning for example; brush your teeth, have a breakfast or take a shower. Just think for a moment what would be of your life if after you get up, you do not know what to do? You have to stop every five or ten minutes after you are done with brushing your teeth to think what do you used to do next? Wouldn?t it be terrible? The great thing is that having habits will save you a lot of time because they come out automatically. Let?s move out to the bad habits, what to do with them? As the good habits the bad ones also come automatically. Imagine a smart boy who has a bad vocabulary, this boy uses bad words in all his conversations; today he has a job interview in an important company. In the company after he came out from the interview, he finds his friend who is applying to the position as well, they start to talk and his bad words comes automatically out during the conversation, the person who just interviewed then listens. What do you think will happen? Even if he is qualify, he is not apt for this position because it will be terrible for the company to have someone who does not show his education at the time to talk. There are many bad habits in us, it is like we have imams for the bad habits, they stick to us and it is very hard to destroy them. As we know, twenty one day to create a habit, but who knows how many days, moths or years to destroy a bad habit? Everything is on you; you have the responsibility to throw away all the bad habits from your life. We have seen many people who smokes and they know is bad for their health so they quit. We also know it is not easy and it take a long time. We encourage you to start thinking on the bad habits you want to destroy so you can succeed in life. Destroy those that are avoiding you to be the person you want, those that do not let you have good grades in school and are influencing in the way you act, because so you know your habits become your behavior and your behavior is what make you different from the rest.
The good or bad habits believe or not, want it or not our now part of us, this is what we call behavior. Our behavior tends to be changed as a product of the environmental influences (friends, family and/or classmates). Bowker (1971) pointed out, ?When human beings come together in groups their behavior tends to become influenced in ways, which cannot be understood simply in terms of individual personalities? (p. 536). We do not know yet why human beings tend to change their behavior when come together in a group; could be possible that due to the coexistence with each other, because we see this person as someone we admire and we want to be exactly like her/him. For example a kid wants to be like his mom or dad, because they think mom and dad are the best ever. They will follow the example of them, that?s why is very important the role that the parents play in our life. The environment in home, good habits that our parent teach us will make a strong and confidence kid that will succeed in life. Remember all starts with the environment, we are product of it, if we want to change our life we need to take a look at the environment.
To conclude in the book The Power of Focus, Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt (2000a) commented, ?Your habits will determine your future?(p. 1). All we need to do is destroy, delete, change or throw away the bad habits and replacing those with good habits. A good example is, if a want to have good grades but I do not study and instead I spend a lot time watching TV. We can give an hour at least to study. It?s not about how much we study is about how we study. It?s up to you how you want to live your life. Your behavior can affect your life and destroy your career as well. If you want to be successful in life start putting in practice good habits, walk away from bad examples, wrong people etc. Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt (2000b) gave a good formula to succeed they commented, ?Successful people have successful habits, unsuccessful people don?t? (p. 3). So you know what to do know, if you are not good reminding this entire essay just try to memorize and keep always in mind this short and effective formula:
Environment + Habits = Behavior

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