Environment Or Hereditary?

Environment Or Hereditary?
How do we become the people who we are? Is it the environment in which we grew up or, is it passed on through genetics. Throughout my life I have seen my personality traits differ from the traits that my parents carry on. I think the surroundings you grow up in have a major effect on how you turn out. Genetics only influences the child?s appearance.
First of all, in my life I carry the trait of closeness. I prefer emotional intimacy and close ties with others. For example when I am having problems I turn to others for advice like I was raised to do. When I have problems with chicks I turn to my friends. On a scale of one to ten my father rated this trait a three and it was my highest rated one of all.
Second of all, my friends has showed me to be optimistic and cheerful, and over time I have noticed all of the people I like who become my friends usually are the same way. My environment I grew up in has always been filled with nice optimistic people. Even though my patents are usually pessimistic my friends have shown how to look on the bright side of things. For example I have already had a driving under the influence charge against me and the way that I look at it is I will probably end up saving money on gas and insurance, and most of my friends drive anyway. My parents looked at it totally the opposite way which shows my optimistic and their pessimistic views.
In conclusion, I believe\ personality traits come from your environment. My personality differs a lot from my parents but can be very similar to my friends.

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