Issues Around Deforestation

Issues Around Deforestation
Deforestation is the clearing away the land of trees and forests for commercial and agricultural uses. This problem dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but it became a very popular and controversial issue throughout the twentieth century.
Stakeholders are ones that are affected by an outcome of something. Two stakeholders in this situation are soil and the people who live off the land. Some ways that soil or someone who studies soil, otherwise known as pedologists, would respond to this problem is by saying that people just don?t care and they don?t do anything about it. But, there are some solutions to deforestation and some of those solutions offered by pedologists would be to find other land to build on not by streams or any other waterways so it won?t cause runoff or extreme erosion. The people who depend on the land could protest or rally to try an end this problem. They suggest that the loggers should reduce the amount of forestry they cut down. This way, the people who really need the land, can use it properly and wisely.
There are many reasons why the pedologists are interested in the solution to this problem. One reason is that if the soil would go into the stream, it could become dry because the soil will absorb all the water. This will cause the animals to die out over time. The soil won?t get the proper nutrients it needs, either. Some other reasons to support this interest are by the men and woman who need the land to survive. They think that if they hunt, they will be less likely to get the food they want because the animals will loose their homes, and even if there are animals, there aren?t many places for the hunters to hide.
There are many feelings that the stakeholders have in common. They obviously want deforestation to end, but they also want to help preserve nature and the forests so everyone and everything can live peacefully together. Just as the two stakeholders have feelings in common, they also have some that differ. The pedologists don?t what deforestation to continue because it could lead to global climate effects. They just want to keep the environment how it is. One could argue that by living off the land, they are wasting and using trees pointlessly. The people living in the forests also don?t want deforestation, but because they can?t live without the trees. They find many useful things that come from the forests like cures for illnesses. Someone could say that we have plenty of soil, so we shouldn?t worry too much about the loss or destruction of the soil in the forests.
I agree with the penologist?s perspective because I think that since they study the soil and the environment, that they would know what?s better and worse for the forests. The soil studiers? solution and reason for their solution is more natural and safe. The pedologists want to better the forests and ultimately better the world, but the people who live on the land, just want to make things better for themselves.

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