Free Environment Essay: Big Game Hunting Should be Allowed

Free Environment Essay: Big Game Hunting Should be Allowed
Is big game hunting wrong? Should big game hunting continue? Big game hunting has been a very controversial topic for some time and these types of questions are being challenged daily. There are a lot of people for it and a lot of people against it. This issue causes a lot of extreme behaviors and ideas by both sides. Those who oppose it believe it to be morally wrong, unfair to the animals and damaging to the environment. Those individuals for it believe that it is the citizens? rights and a way to be involved in the environment. Hunting is the law and shall not be infringed upon. In defense of the hunters? I believe that there are five main issues of concern.

The first big issue concerning big game hunting is that it is considered to be the citizens? rights. Anti-hunters would believe that there is no right for anyone to take the life of another living creature. It would be morally wrong. The thought of going out and killing an animal for fun is just appalling to these individuals. Maybe they believe hunters will rear a generation of killers. They would argue that there are many other things in this world that could bring that sort of excitement to a person.

The right to hunt is the law. The twenty-ninth Article states, ??securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others?? If this is the law then it can not be infringed. With this there really is no question of big game hunting. These rights are personal rights of the citizens of the United States. Parents can choose what they want for there own children and let them do what they desire, and if that desire is hunting then let it be. When other people who oppose hunting try and stop this freedom then they are the ones at fault and are doing wrong by infringing on the rights of others. These actions are illegal and should be taken care of. In C M Dixon?s article, ?The Banning of Hunting is an Affront to Freedom,? he stated that, ?He has never heard of hunters violating the just requirements of public order or general welfare? (2). From the hunting experiences that I have had I agree with this statement one hundred percent. A hunter has not done anything wrong, it is the belief of others that a hunter has that causes the problems.

The second big issue of big game hunting is that hunters are out in the environment in a way that isn?t pleasing to everyone. People who don?t want hunting to continue would say that hunters destroy the environment. They take their trucks and four-wheelers in the mountains and drive them everywhere possible. They tear up the soil and make dirt roads where plants won?t grow anymore. Anti-hunters would also say that hunters bring up a lot of gear and when it is used up it ends up on the ground. The forests then become cluttered with garbage. And finally they would say that hunters want to kill the environment by shooting it. They just can?t take care of the environment so it takes others to put restrictions on them to make sure the forests survive.

Most hunters are not out to ruin or destroy the environment. In fact most are out hunting just to be outdoors and have fun. They just want to spend some time with their families and do a little camping, and if they shoot something then it is just that much better. Killing an animal isn?t what it is all about. When hunting comes around there are a lot people who go out into the wilderness and it makes people feel closer to it. Richard Nelson?s report of the governor?s symposium on ?North Americas Hunting Heritage,? states that, ?As a society, we strive toward greater closeness to the natural world and toward a fuller recognition of our ecological relationships. Yet the anti-hunting movement reflects an opposite trend- increased distances from the environment, diminished awareness of how we interact with it, and denial of basic biological processes? (30). By this hunters want it to be left in its best shape for the next camping trip. They don?t want to be in a littered or filthy environment when they are hunting. Big game animals have a highly developed sense of smell and if they don?t like what they smell (foreign objects such as food, fires, gasoline, or even a hunters deodorant) they will turn and run. That would be a major disappointment for a hunter. So their camps are some of the cleanest.

The lands that hunters have been restricted to keep them out of prime hunting areas. Most of the best hunting areas are a once in a lifetime deal. Very few hunters get to hunt really good areas. Therefore, if any land gets ruined it is very little land over a long period of time.

The biggest problem of hunters ruining the environment is alcohol. Many people use hunting as an excuse for a party. They get a bunch of people together and of coarse bring the beer. Those are the people who don?t care. They are the ones who should be taken care of not the hunters who are doing it the right way.

The third item, along with the protection of the environment, is that hunting is a way to help with the conservation of the great outdoors and the wildlife that is contained there. Many people would argue that nature should be left alone and should take its own coarse. There are many other ways for the big game populations to be controlled rather than a bunch of people going out and killing them. The predatory animals are there to do this. Even if something is wrong with the animal it is still a living creature and should have the right to live.

A major reason for big game hunting is a way to keep the herd population under control. If there was no regulation on them then they would grow out of control and the environment would be out of balance. ?Hunting can have a rightful purpose in achieving this balance?(Nelson, 31). The other reason is survival of the fittest. This rids the herds of the weak animals. The genes of the strong animals are the ones that will enable the success of the herd. Also the weather takes its toll on some animals and it is just better to put them out of their misery.

The fourth part about big game hunting is the best. It is the challenge that is involved. Also along with this hunters are not invincible. Things can still happen to them. There is a point that can be argued about this idea. Many would say that there are many other things in this world that people can do, without killing something that will bring a challenge to them. If it is a physical challenge then go hiking without a gun in your hand. An opposer to hunting, Laura Key, believes that ?once a person kills, he is no longer a hunter?(1). If it is the challenge of killing something then there is skeet shooting that enables people to destroy things without taking a life. All in all there are many other things that can put a smile on your face other than tying a carcass to the front of a four-wheeler.

The challenge of big game hunting is not killing an animal. Shooting an animal is more of a reward or prize. The challenges a hunter faces are more than a lot of other things can offer at one time. Hunters bring up a lot of equipment and getting everything to work properly is a major goal. Also malfunctions in equipment can cause serious injury or even death. Hunters also have to battle against the weather. They enter the homes of the game that can be difficult for them to handle. Big game life in extreme areas and are built to live in these environments. When hunters enter these areas challenges are present.

When a person is out in the wilderness the animals don?t have rules, you are in their home. When animals feel threatened they will attack. Robert Ruark, writer of ?Game Animals that Fight Back,? brought this to my attention (36). Most of the time it isn?t the animal you are hunting that attacks it is another that you have stumbled upon.

One of the biggest challenges is other hunters. When there are a lot of hunters confined to such small areas there is bound to be some problems. Most hunters are pretty good but when you take someone else?s opportunity then conflicts arise. The only real problems with hunters are the idiots. The ones who go out and don?t think. They are carrying around a high velocity gun and are not thinking about what they are doing. This is where most problems occur. The challenges are met when your plans work. Even if you just see some game, knowing that you were there at the right place at the right time is satisfying.

The fifth and final topic of my paper is that hunting brings in a lot of money. This point leaves all of the others behind. Anti-hunters will argue this point to the bitter end. Is the cost of animal life worth fifty dollars or so? Animals should go on living without the persistent taunting by people. The life of an animal should not depend on how much one pays for it. It is just wrong that someone can go and buy a ?license to kill.? The life of something can?t just be bought. Not only can people get hunting licenses but also anyone can get one. All they have to do is fork up some money and they are loose to do what they want. With over eleven million big game hunters there are many lives of helpless animals being bought.

No matter what anyone says, it all comes down to money. Big game hunting is a major money making industry for the government as well as private businesses. A writer, Lee Neville, for U.S. News and World Report wrote, "With over eleven million big game hunters there is bound to be a lot of money spent. In fact, the average big game hunter spends over eight hundred and sixty dollars a year on hunting trips (8). These hunting trips only last for about eight to twelve days. The taxes on the tag sales increase every year adding to the expense. Even though there are a lot of hunters there are very few lives of animals taken. The last hunting trip I went on I figured that there were only twenty elk taken out of about two thousand hunters. That is only one percent of hunters getting game. At a price of sixty dollars a tag, there was only sixty dollars worth of game taken for every six thousand dollars of tag sales. That money is government money. The other thing that hunters buy is equipment. This helps out private businesses and retailers. Hunting is a big business. A lot is taken out of a hunter just to go hunt. And it doesn?t just benefit the hunter, but many others.

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