Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels
In the world today the environment affects everything. The environment affects what buildings can be built to what the climate will be and even fossil fuels. The environment affects fossil fuels in a variety of ways. Without the environment we would have no fossil fuels. Then because of the fossil fuels that are created, they pollute and harm the environment. Interesting how something that is created by the environment can damage itself. Fossil fuels can even cause personal health issues to arise. Fossil Fuels are important to our economy but someway we should find them to only benefit the environment positively.The process of how fossil fuels are created is very interesting. It all starts with an animal or plant dieing. After it dies the remains are biological changed. It turns into bacterial decay and even underwater decay. From the decay it changes into Methane and Kerogen and Peat. Now it is ready to be composed. This happens through increase temperature and extensive chemical changes. During this stage the matter is underground. Finally after all is said and done, Fossil Fuels are created.

Fossil Fuels do so much for the economy, but are they really worth it if it causes health issues? Can we sacrifice health for better heating and cheaper energy? All I know is that due to fossil fuels we increase smog pollution. Ozone smog doesn?t cause asthma, but it can trigger asthma attacks and worsen emphysema and other lung diseases. The leading sources are electricity generating plants that burn fossil fuels (Mcdonald). Even when the fossil fuels aren?t gas or coal they can still cause a ruckus. Fossil fuel, in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, and mechanization, is what is holding this system together. Unfortunately it is also a major factor in what?s undermining it, causing problems such as a decline in biodiversity, and environmental problems and human health issues relating to released toxins (Young). We need to figure something out.

What do all fossil fuels have in common? They must be transported. When this occurs accidents can happen. For example, when oil is spilled into the sea how horrific is that. Just don?t think of the short term such as animals dying and the economical loses, but how bout long term. The oil can stay in the sea for decades. You just can?t clean it up like a Kool-Aide spill. It has traumatic effects (Rabalis). When we find coal what are we doing to the ground. The top soil is being skinned and not used for anything. Due to the stripping on top soil, its possible for acidic water to run off into creeks. Not only is the land being destroyed but even the water is being affected. All the pollutants in the air cause some harmful chemicals. The chemicals that can be created are carbon monoxide (CO) and unburnt hydrocarbons and sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

In conclusion fossil fuels bring much more negatives to the table than positives when it comes to the environment. Certain Fossil Fuels can cause health issues and all I know is that I don?t want to die or be ill because of some fossil fuel. I find it interesting that something is affected by something negatively when it creates it. I wish there is a way to make fossil fuels totally safe but I don?t know if it will ever be possible.

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