The Impact of our Gluttonous Lifestyles on the Environment

The Impact of our Gluttonous Lifestyles on the Environment
It has come to my attention that our nation is in the middle of earthweek. At a time when we all stop, as Americans, and take a look at all of the great accomplishments we have made that we could have possibly overlooked while running around with our busy schedules. We recognize our efforts to create powerful industries and production plants that produce endless chemical compounds and new materials. The discovery and use of fossil fuels, of which has fed our automobiles and at times added a protective coating to our shores and beaches. The men and women who clear the land and provide the materials for our homes. And what about electricity? The greatest discovery of all time. We must not forget about the men and women who spend hours on end getting in and out of those little white suits and rubber gloves to dispose our radio active waste. It is not so much that we recognize the great discoveries and creations we have made, but more that we recognize all we do as humans to ensure our plentiful and gluttonous lifestyles.
Lets face it. We as humans waste countless hours of our lives worrying about the future. Whether it?s asteroids or running out of oil, it?s always something. It is said that in the future, with global warming, temperatures outdoors will be too hot to survive in. But what is the future? Is the future tomorrow, maybe next month, or next century? The fact is by the time all of the problems that we worry about surface, we will have been dead for hundreds of years. We?ll be safe somewhere in the afterlife with our children and their children. We don?t have to worry about things like polar ice caps melting and flooding the entire earth because, frankly, it isn?t going to effect us. We can go on in comfort knowing that tomorrow the sun will rise and with it, bring another four hours of gridlock traffic, eight hours confined to a cubical, 30 minutes idling your car in line at taco bell, and finally those final sweet precious hours of watching T.G.I.F. you dreamed about all day . Why waste time stressing about one more thing.

I think I speak for many people when I say that I can?t wait for the day when it finally warms up around here. While being an Oregon resident has it?s advantages, it just seems to lack in the sunshine department, and what a better way to brighten up any day than with 200 degree weather. No more wasting snow days at school, no more long sleeved shirts, and finally an end to all that spf mumbo jumbo. You know that without an O-zone layer there?s going to be nothing strong enough on the market to protect our delicate skin. They?ll probably have some kind of pill I can take instead. Even if some of the polar ice caps do melt, that just means more beaches for us on our new glorious days of sunshine. So what if a few million people drown?

I suppose earthweek is just another form of the government keeping us down. We have become far too brainwashed when we start to feel guilty for living the life of careless slobs. Though, one week out of the year isn?t too bad to have to plant a tree or recycle your plastics. It is the ones who spend their time and money developing new, safer techniques to ensure the health of our planet that need our help the most. They just don?t seem to understand the detrimental importance of self consciousness. We as citizens, as Americans, as human beings must take it upon ourselves to clear up any confusion and set these poor wasteful droids into the right direction. Planting a tree, and singing ?Kumbya My Lord?; once a year is not going to cut it.

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