Free Narrative Essays - Importance of My Home Environment

Free Narrative Essays - Importance of My Home Environment
There were many instances in my life that have shaped my values, intellect, and academic or career goals. I was raised by my parents to become a hard worker, independent, and caring young adult. I was taught how to be all these qualities by a combination of experiencing and witnessing them first hand.
I quickly learned at a very young age the value of hard work. Both of my parents had worked hard to achieve their dreams of a nice home, cars, and financial stability. Their working hard not only paid off financially, but they taught my two brothers and I, that working hard was imperative to life. I was given a set of chores and an allowance every week, which taught me responsibility and how to manage money. I also realized that cooperation goes hand in hand with hard work. My brothers and I would help each other with our chores from time to time. I did not know that cooperation works on a larger scale in the workplace, that sometimes one needs help to achieve their ultimate goal.

Growing up with two older brothers taught me to be unselfish, patient, and respectful. Being the youngest of three, I learned I would not always get what I wanted. I would have to be patient and wait my turn for a lot of things, such as the telephone and bathroom. I was glad that I was able to grow up with siblings to teach me these lifelong lessons. All three of us had to be respectful of each other or we would risk getting in trouble with my parents.

My parents raised me to be independent, which I can say that I am. I learned that I cannot always rely on other people and that I need to do things for myself, I control my own destiny. If I needed or wanted something done, then I would have to do it myself. I got a job in order to take my financial independence from my parents, one step further. At the same time, I was learning responsibility.

My father had always put pressure on me to be school oriented. I played numerous sports, but was required to maintain decent grades in order to participate in my athletic leagues. I had to study each night and prepare for all my tests to do well. There were sometimes when studying was the last thing on my mind, but I still managed to set aside a little time to look over my schoolwork. I was forced to balance my academic life with my athletic life. If I were not brought up to do well academically, I would not have the desire to take my education to a higher level.

The combination of my family?s influence and my own will power has molded me into a self-reliant, well-rounded young adult. Hard work, determination, and a clear academic focus are lifelong lessons that I learned through example and experience.

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