Intelligence as a Product of Heredity or Environment

Intelligence as a Product of Heredity or Environment
Is intelligence a product of hereditary or is it a product of an individual?s environment? The nature versus nurture debate regarding intelligence is one that has raged long and hard. Innumerable studies have been conducted on this issue and there is still no clear-cut answer. However, since I am forced to argue one point of view for this assignment, I must conclude that intelligence is something that is hereditary.
I believe that a person?s intelligence is set the day they are conceived. Intelligence is defined by Slavin as, ?general aptitude for learning often measured by the ability to deal with abstractions and to solve problems? (128). Every individual has their own unique, natural tendencies, abilities, talents, and rates of learning. I have seen in P.S. 41, how one child can read a paragraph once and completely understand and another child will have to read the same paragraph three times to understand it. Why is this so, if these two children have attended P.S. 41 for the same amount of time and from similar backgrounds and ses? It is proof that intelligence is based on heredity.
Dr. Fried explained that one of the ways to assess the contributions of heredity and environment to intelligence is to compare siblings, especially, identical twins who were raised together and apart. He explained that, if intelligence is determined by genetic inheritance, then the correlation between the IQ scores should be greatest when the siblings have the greatest amount of genetic overlap. However, if intelligence is determined by environment, then the correlation between IQ scores should be greatest when siblings share the same environment. Studies that he spoke about that were conducted on identical twins reared apart found an extremely high correlation of intelligence scores between the individuals. The correlation was practical the same for the twins reared apart as it was for the twins reared together. How could this be if they were reared apart and did go through he same experiences or grow up in the same environment? The high correlation is because intelligence is a product of heredity. This study is strong support for the nature side of intelligence.
Another proof that intelligence is a product of heredity is based on my IQ score. I first had my IQ taken before I entered kindergarten and then had it taken again before entering highschool. I discovered that my score did not change in ten years. If the environment in which I grew up and school I attended was very enriching, why did my IQ score not increase? One piece of evidence in favor of the environmental view is that ?schooling itself clearly affects IQ score?(Slavin 132). If this is true, why did my IQ score stay the same? This is another proof that intelligence is not a product of environment. If intelligence is a product of environment my score should have increased over ten years.
From what I have learned from discussions, observations of children, and lectures on this topic it seems to me that Intelligence is a product of heredity.

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