The Beginning of the United States and Its Different Inhabitants

The Beginning of the United States and Its Different Inhabitants
the sioux respected the environment because it was very important to them as they respected their ancestors and future generations. They cared about the environment and wouldn?t do anything without considering the requests of 7 generations before and the needs of 7 generations later. The heavily relied on buffalo and because of that they were nomadic. They were hunter gatherers as they also followed crops. Because of this they obviously had to be nomadic to be able follow animals and crops. They never wasted anything including buffalo hide which the used to make tipis. Tipis are tents that an entire tribe could reassemble in about an hour. They were very useful as that way the Sioux could relocate quickly if they needed to follow the buffalo or bison.the mohawks lived in the Mohawk Valley, which is now part of Manhattan, New York. Their food and methods of catching it were different. The men would, like the Sioux, search for animals like buffalo, elk and deer. They also fished in the Mohawk River. The women searched for berries, squash, corn, beans and herbs. The Mohawks lived in house made of elm bark. These could hold up to sixty to a hundred people. The Mohawks based their lives on the Mohawk Valley, especially with the Mohawk River running through. They could fish in the Mohawk River. They could grow crops as they could water them with water from the river and wash and drink from the river themselves. Also they would never have a shortage of animals as the animals they hunted would also have to rely on the river for drink and washing and many other things too.

the cheyenne lived on the Great Plains. Like the Sioux they respected the environment. They had a council of 44 chiefs, from each Cheyenne tribe. When a major decision had to be made, they would only take action once all 44 chiefs had agreed to do so. The Cheyenne were united as a nation and did everything as one nation. They also followed buffalo, like most Plains Indians and would follow the buffalo wherever they went. They originally lived in wigwams but chose tipis so they could move around easier to follow the buffalo. They had to be nomadic as the buffalo was a vital source of food for all the Plains Indians and the Cheyenne could have died out if they didn?t follow the buffalo as the land in the plains was generally unsuitable for farming. Also, Plains Indians didn?t have the tools to work the land in the harsh climate.

The English
The first time England set foot on the shores of America was in 1497 when an Italian, John Cabot, who couldn?t find support in Italy, came to England and received support. He sailed over the Atlantic on the Matthew and landed on an island next to Canada. He called this Newfoundland and claimed it for England, and the rest of North America.
The first and most famous settlers were the Pilgrims, who left Southampton in England in 1620 for the New World due to religious differences with Church if England, the governing body of Christianity in England. They arrived in modern day Plymouth and formed Virginia, the first ever permanent English settlement in America. The English decided to settle in America for many reasons. Some were like the Pilgrims and decide to move for religious freedom. Others went after being disgraced in England and wanted a fresh start. Some wanted better opportunities and some just wanted a new adventure.

The French

The French first came to America in the 1500s. King Francis sent the first explorer to represent France in the New World. Like England?s first explorer to the Americas, Giovanni da Verrazano was Italian. All the way from 1534, various French colonies were set up in the Americas, but none of these ever remained permanent. Finally, in 1664 the French set up a permanent colony in the form Saint-Domingue, which quickly became the richest colony in the Americas until the year 1791 when a slave rebellion, quickly led to the Haitian Revolution, which led to Saint-Domingue being renamed ?Haiti?. The French settled in America for similar reasons to the English, they too wanted religious freedom from religious beliefs in France. Also, the French wanted land as well.

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