The Prairie

The Prairie
An ecoysystem is all the biotic and abiotic components of an environment.
The prairie is located in North America. The tempaturevaries greatly and the
environment doesn?t get enough rainfall to support trees.
One organism in the ecoysystem that adapts well is grass which
withstands grazing animals and occasional fires.
Producer: An autotroph organism (grass). Consumer: Organism that eats producers
(caterpillars, bison). Primary consumer: Organisms that eat consumers (chicken,
meadowlark). Secondary consumers: Organisms that eatprimary consumers (praire
felcon, eagle). Decomposers: Organisms that uses nutrients from dead plants and
animals, it starts the chain over (bacteria).

Say that an organism was removed from the web, such as a caterpillar.
Though it?s not the only grass eating organism it would still mess up the web.
Say you put the bison in its place, that part would work, except for the fact
that the indigo bunting wouldn?t eat the bison. Which would also eliminate
that from the food chain and so on.

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