The Australian Quarantine

The Australian Quarantine
Quarantine is Australia?s first line of defense, protecting our unique environment against exotic pests and diseases. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is a government dept. that (aqis) inspects incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of exports. Selection process ===== Selection advisory committees when considering who to hire use the following to assess each applicant
Written application
Interview performance
Referee reports/ reference checks
Technical assessment
Security check
Medical tests
The selection process at aqis is merit based. Before applicants reach the interview stage or applicants are only considered for the next step if they meet the selection criteria. Interviews == The employment interview is the most widely used selection technique. It?s a conversation with a purpose between an interviewer and a job applicant. .interviews can be structured or unstructured depending on the type of interview used. Interview types The type of interview chosen by the employer is determined by a number of factors including: the personal preference of the interviewer; the history and customs of the organization; the cost; administrative/legal requirements. Interview types are Panel interviews The panel interview is used by employers in the public service sector, universities, and other government establishments. It involves at least three, or as many as seven, interviewers. At least one interviewer is an ?independent? whose role is to ensure that selection is not biased by discriminatory practices, and to provide an external perspective to the interview process. This allows all interviewers to evaluate the applicant on the same questions and answers at the same time . Group interviews A rare form of interview where the employer interviews a number of applicants at once. It often involves dividing the applicants into small groups and giving them a problem to solve. This type of interview is often used to determine group working ability. Computer screening Screening applications via computer. A recent innovation which uses online testing and assessment procedures to generate information on the candidate such as intelligence, leadership etc. Interview type used at aqis ======= Panel Interview Why have a panel? -??????? This method offers the advantages that come from the diverse insights, observations and experiences of panel member Selecting candidates through panel The chairperson of the panel will receive relevant files from Canberra containing all applications for the employment opportunity. It is then the responsibility of each sac (selection advisory committee) member must then conduct an assessment of the application against selection criteria in order to determine candidates for potential interview. Then sac assembles together to discuss ratings and decide on applicants for interview. Stages of the interview process ======= The interview process includes the stages of ? Planning ? interviewing ? Post- interview discussion. Planning Allows the panel to make necessary preparation to obtain the most useful and relevant information through the interview process. During this stage, questions and other relevant materials are prepared and the panel considers any special needs applicants require. Interviewing Enables the panel to establish a rapport with the applicant, this process follows a line of questions related to the job requirements and selection criteria and explore answers and allow for questions from the applicant. Post- interview discussion Provides an opportunity for the panel to exchange views on the information provided by the applicant and to consider what information they need to clarify or obtain and why. Scoring also occurs during this phase where each member of selection advisory committee (sac) rates candidates against the selection criteria using rating scales (attached IN appendix) Role of the Panel ===== The role of the panel -????????? The selection panel is responsible for assessing the merit of each candidate and making a recommendation to the regional HR manager. All members of the panel are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, fairness and timeliness of the assessment process ============== Aim of the interview is to allow candidates to demonstrate what they can offer the organization Interview Preparation When preparing for a selection interview ? Each member reviews selection criteria ? Chairperson verifies questions ? Chairperson ensures all sac members understand their role ? Ensure all sac members agree to the interview The following steps are followed before an interview is carried out. Panel interview process ======= Thses are the internal processes that occur when interviews are carried out. Ø Interview process explained to the applicant Ø Given job details e.g. job description, salary etc Ø Given ten minutes to answer 5 questions that will be assessed -teamwork - conflict management -workplace diversity - OH&S -Participative management Ø Panel then invites applicant for the formal interview When the applicant arrives the sac explains the interview process step by step. The first step is where it is explained to the applicant that before the interview takes place there are other components that needs to occur. This is where the questions come in and they serve as a selection method. The applicant is then given a series of 5 questions to answer on the topics. And panel members observe how they work under pressure. Effectiveness ===== There is some uncertainty about the effectiveness of panel interviews as The number of panel members can inhibit the interviewer having a natural conversation with the candidate, thus preventing the development of a discussion. But the advantages way out this problem. Some advantages include
It may provide additional technical expertise necessary for a
complete evaluation of applicants? backgrounds.
The applicant has the opportunity to meet several representatives
of the organization and therefore may be provided with more
complete information about the job and the organization.
personal biases are less likely to be made
In order to make the panel as effective as possible it is essential that the effectiveness of the various selection methods is monitored to check for biased ness and in terms of ethnicity, gender, language, disability etc or other groupings, both in the method used and the criteria measured by the method.

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