Adaptation Of The Bison

Adaptation Of The Bison
This is a project about adaptation. If living things did not adapt to
their environment they would become extinct. The bison is a very large animal.
The bull grows to be ten feet long, six feet high, and weighs almost two
thousand pounds.
The bison has a large head, hump behinde the neck, long cured
horns and a short tail. The long horns of the bison are used for protection
againt predetors. Another adaptation of the bison is it?s long curved horns,
which are udes for defence. The bison has a long shaggy coat of fur, which
keeps it warm in winter. In the 1800?s there were 50 to 60 million bison in he
world, but after the 1850?s they were almost extinct. There are many parks and
organizations trying to save the bison.

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