Republican Plan Should be Vetoed

Republican Plan Should be Vetoed
I think that the Republican should be vetoed
because to me, their proposed tax cuts in education, the
environment, and other areas are not the way to go. There are
probably other government functions that could use a decrease
in spending. Raising medicare premiums

seems alright, but there could be a better way.
In general, today?s
Congress is in so much deadlock over balancing the budget,
they will end up watching it go to about $6 billion by the start
of the new millenium!!! The debt?s already too high now.
President Johnson was able to halve the deficit and keep his
budget under $100 million during his first year in
office (; but he
achieved this through some manipulation of others ? something of
which Bill Clinton is not a master. Though the proposed increase
of $9 a month may seem small to some,many older Americans in the
long run will not be able to keep up with the payments and will
trim down their disposable income (isn?t this what Keynes would
think?) Stimulating the economy at the expense of a certain group
of people does not constitute favorable domestic policy for politicans
of any party.

Why is it that the U.S. has such a hard time trying to keep
a stable economy when Germany has historically had pretty strong
currency and is perhaps the best economic nation in all of
Europe? (
1995/950925/economies.html) They do have tougher regulations, but
not a lot of capitalistic ways that we do here. The country?s
central bank managed to step in after unification with
tough-minded economic management; and even though the
eastern side of the country has spend a little more than
necessary, Germany today remains financially stable (without huge
increases in inflation). The temporary stop-gap spending bills
that Clinton vetoed, causing the current partialgovernment shutdown,
has made the U.S. look bad in the eyes of the world because of party
gridlock. I doubt if countries such as Germany ever have this much

Are there any solutions to solving the national debt that
will completely satify everyone involved? Probably not. I
proved that by stating my support for the President?s veto of the
Republican?s spending bills. However, the oneitem that really bugs
me is that if the Republicans want to lower the debt so much, why
did they want Clinton to approve a bill that would raise the debt
ceiling by about $67 billion? Isn?t this a reversal of their party?s
policy? $67billion is accumulated in between five and six days, based
on the approximate rate of increase of the national debt. Americans may
be forced to take an activist policy on the debt because the current
self-correcting mechanism may notoperate as well as it did in the 1980s
when people?s attitudes were more laissez-faire than they are now. For
the time being, the best thing that Americans can do right now to help
trim the national debt is to spend a little less thanthey do right now,
try to buy more domestic goods to eliminate our current trade deficit,
keep a watchful eye on the stock market (because its current record-breaking
upswing may not last much longer and turn into a huge nosedive in
upcoming weeks, and pray that the people working on Capitol Hill
come up with some kind of budget agreement soon.

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