A Passing Thunderstorm

A Passing Thunderstorm
When one returns home from work or school, the first thing he wants is relaxation. Some factors that can affect relaxation are sights, sounds, and feelings. To achieve the most relaxing environment at your home, you must have ideal weather conditions. Different weather can affect these factors. There is not a more relaxing atmosphere than a cozy house while a light thunderstorm passes overhead.
An oncoming thunderstorm should visibly change your atmosphere. One can look out the window and see the trees swaying easily in the wind. One should turn off all the lights as to sooth your sense of sight. The turning off of lights and the blocking of the sun by clouds will both darken your house making the perfect place to go rest or even nap. Some people may choose to light a fire in which case the flames would glow on all the walls.
A thunderstorm can produce some soothing sounds as it passes overhead. The light rain tapping at one?s window provides a comforting pattern for resting. The sound of thunder sounds like volleys of cannons being fired repeatedly in the distance. One knows the fire is hard at work by the crackling of the flames. One can hear the whistling wind sweeping the corners of your house repeatedly.
Along with the thunderstorm comes a lower temperature. All one wants to do is bury himself in his bed. The soft bed provides the most comfort and easiness for your body. The brisk warmth of the fire enwraps the body in comfort. The sounds uniform sounds of the thunderstorm calm your mind. All these feeling combined will bring restfulness upon oneself. This is when true relaxation is met.
The sights of a thunderstorm will relax your eyes. The sounds provide a consoling pattern to sooth your mind and provide a perfect atmosphere. Much of this relaxation depends on one?s home. A soft bed and pillows serves its purpose wonderfully. Because of this perfect balance of your senses, a passing thunderstorm provides a great environment to enjoy by taking rest.

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