Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo
Like any other organization, Akron zoo is effected by many external environmental factors that may directly affect its yearly attendance and its ability to break even to continue to operate.
The first externality that the Akron zoo faces is the climate. Because most zoos operate out in the open, its attendance is affected directly to the weather. Due to its northern climate, the zoo conducts its open season from mid-April until mid-October.
Variations in weather also affect crop yields and prices of fresh animal foods, thereby influencing the costs of animal maintenance. Unfortunately, the Akron zoo can not do anything about the weather. The only other option it may have would to be to open more indoor activities, but that would be too high of a cost risk because the payback may have not been worth the construction in the first place.
Zoo?s still remain as important part of any community and to the hearts of young children every year. It is estimated that more people annually visit zoos than enter all U.S. national Parks and that approximately and that 35% of people who attend zoos are adults.
Cultural events that happen in the city of Akron and nearby areas help increase attendance at the parks. The biggest cultural event in Akron is the annual Snow Bowl. Not only does this event help increase attendance, In its 12-year history, Snow Bowl has raised over $388,000 for the animals at the Akron Zoo.
Other events such as the annual Nocturnal Golf Tournament, annual birds seed sales and annual Sunday Sundae Zoobilation have huge effects on zoo attendance on the day/weekend of the events. On weekends where cultural events are going on, the Akron Zoo should try and sell items that would attract people who are visiting such as having certain products directly affiliated to the Snow Bowl at a slightly higher price that out-of-towners would be willing to pay for.
Akron is located just south of Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is a major metropolitan area. It has television stations that are affiliated with all four major networks. To gain media exposure, the zoo must create more media events and more exiting activities that pass the threshold of newsworthy. Being located near a big city like Cleveland can drastically affect the way an organization operates. The Akron Zoo should take advantage of this effort to raise more money on advertising money to appeal to the audience of such a huge city.

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