What is a glitch? What is Halo 2? Halo 2 is a video game that is played on the xbox gaming console. It is a first-person shooter with beautiful landscapes and environments. In every environment there are limits and boundaries as to what you can do and where you can go. A glitch is when you find a way around these limits and boundaries. There are many glitches in Halo 2, but the one we will learn is how to get out of the environment called ?Burial Mounds.?
In Halo 2 there are walls around every environment. To build these walls, programmers make a boundary that you cannot pass through and then they assign it a color and/or texture to make it look like a real wall. The obvious solution to getting out of an environment would be to simply find a way over these walls. That was the case in the prequel to Halo 2 called Halo, but in Halo 2 the programmers did not want gamers to get out of the environments so they built invisible walls above the visible ones so that it looks like there is just one wall, but really there are two walls stacked on top of each other. To make these invisible walls they simply make a boundary and do not assign a color to it. These invisible walls worked very well, but there was one problem with them; they did not make a complete circle around the environment. The invisible walls have two ends that meet together somewhere in the environment and leave a small ?hole? between each end. Finding this hole and getting through it is how we will glitch Burial Mounds.
Step one is to setup the proper game. Turn your xbox on with Halo 2 inside. When the main menu appears select the ?Settings? option. A submenu will appear and you will need to select the ?Game Variants? option. Once you have done this a list of game options will appear and you will scroll down the list and change these options as such:
Level ? Burial Mounds
Game Type ? Juggernaut
Over shields ? On
Once you have done this press the back button until you are at the main menu again. Now choose the option ?Multiplayer.? When you get to the multiplayer submenu you will need a partner to join the game with you because this glitch requires two players. Then you will choose the game that you have just made from a list of games on the right of the screen. After you have done that press the ?Start? button to start the game. In about ten seconds you and your partner will be in ?Burial Mounds.?
Step two is setting up the glitch. When you arrive in Burial Mounds, one of you needs to pilot the ?Wraith? (a tank that is in the environment). Once you are piloting the Wraith you need to drive it to the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a large cliff wall. Drive your Wraith towards that wall until you are facing upwards. The other player in the game will then jump onto the nose of the Wraith. On top of the cliff wall is a ledge and an invisible wall. The player piloting the Wraith will drive high enough up the wall so that the player on the nose can jump off and onto the ledge. Once the player is on top of the ledge they will run into a boundary that they cannot see. On the other side of this boundary there is a shadow being cast by a boulder. This shadow comes to a definite point at the player?s feet. The player then needs to stand directly in front of that point, for this is where the two ends of the invisible wall meet. This is where the hole is. Now our glitch is ready to go.
The final step is performing the glitch. One cannot simply walk through this hole in the wall. You need a push and that is what the pilot of the Wraith is going to do. The pilot of the Wraith now needs to back down off the wall. Once you?ve done this you should be facing the wall dead on. There is a wall behind the Wraith as well. Back up until you hit it. The pilot of the Wraith will now drive towards the wall at full speed going up the wall, onto the ledge, and hitting the other player which will push him/her through the hole in the invisible wall. This may take several tries and the player on the ledge may be pushed out of the way or die. If this happens just repeat steps two and three in order. When it does work the player on the ledge will be on the other side of the invisible boundary and will be free to roam wherever he/she wishes. That is how you perform one of many Halo 2 glitches.

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