The Problems Of Mexico City

The Problems Of Mexico City
The principal problems now facing Mexico City are its overcrowding and
overpopulation, its dangerous environment, its dwindling water supply, and its
terrible air pollution.
One of Mexico City?s problems is that it has an enormous population that
continues to rapidly increase every day. There are many people that move to
Mexico City and many people that are born there every year. These factors
contribute even more to its overcrowding and overpopulation. Another problem is
Mexico City?s habitat. It is located in the Valley of Mexico, which is highly
vulnerable to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These natural disasters cause
much destruction to Mexico City. Yet still another problem with Mexico City?s
habitat is the overall instability that is caused by the fact that much of the
city is located on a weak, dry-lakebed surface.
Mexico City?s rapidly diminishing water supply creates another dangerous
problem. Once its water supply is gone, the only way to receive water will be
to transport it from across the mountains. Not only does the city have to pipe
water in, but it also has to pipe the sewage out of waste-filled areas. This
would be a very expensive undertaking and could cost Mexico City a large amount
of money. Mexico City?s worsening air pollution is the most dangerous problem
and health hazard presently facing the city. The air in the city is so polluted
that at times the air quality exceeds 100 times the acceptable level. Thousands
of factories and millions of vehicles are the main causes of the air pollution
in Mexico City. Mexico City has many problems at the present time, and it does
not look as if it is going to get much better in the future.

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