Negative Aspects of Genetic Engineering

Negative Aspects of Genetic Engineering
How would you like it if you were a bee and could not find pollen? How about someone with an allergy to nuts who dies from gene? How about a rat with your immune system destroyed. All that is thanks to genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is wrong in many ways. Genetic engineering is playing God, effecting the environment, and effecting humans and animals.
Nobody has the right to play God. People should not mess with things that should be left to nature. God should be the only one to create life. When scientists create life they are playing God. People should not mess with nature like that. Some things need to be left alone and genetic engineering is opening up a window to that. Genetic Engineering is morally wrong.

Genetic engineering has had many effects on the environment. It is unnatural and no one knows the effects that it will have on the environment in the future. Genetically modified crops are taking the place of organic crops. Scientists are turning the environment into a genetic experiment. Scientists do not have an adequate understanding of what the effects on the environment are.

Genetic engineering has many effects on humans and animals. For example a bee?s ability to sense pollen is damaged severely from a genetically engineered substance transgenic canola. Also a salmon that was genetically engineered to grow faster died because not being able to breath. Genetically modified food has caused at least 37 deaths in the US and left 1,500 disabled for life.

As you can see genetic engineering has many cons. It is wrong for people to mess with God and nature. It is also harmful to the environment.
Humans and animals also feel the effects of GE. Genetic engineering is wrong in many ways. If you really care about the safety of our environment and your own health then do not support GE.

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