How to Conserve Water

How to Conserve Water
The environment in Butler County continues to grow everyday with people and living things. As our community grows, the need for water conservation is high.

People use water for baths (the average person spends about five minutes in the shower), to cook food, to wash there hands, to drink, to water plants, some people use water to fill up pools, wash cars, wash cloths (it takes about thirty-three gallons for a washing machine), and to wash dishes. I think the people in this community would save if the daily use of water for plants and the smaller items were cut down. The average use for water a month is 820 gallons.
So, to insure that the plants get water, without the people paying for it, is to invent a device that would catch the rain, when it fell. If there was a day that the rain didn?t fall, then the device would use condensation to gather the water. Condensation is when water vapor in the atmosphere is turned to a liquid state. It could do this by lowering the temperature of the air to its dew point by having a thermometer that tells the device what temperature to be at. The dew point of dry air would be lower than the dew point of humid air. The device would gather the water in an opening at the bottom and people could just use the water gathered to water the plants. The device would filter the water so that it could be safe enough for a human to drink it.

If a device like this was used, then Butler County would save on water and people would not have to pay for the water they use on there plants or water they use on the smaller items.

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