Terrestrial Ecosystem

Terrestrial Ecosystem
Habitat provided by land is termed as terrestrial ecosystem. Terrestrial ecosystem varies greatly in climatic and biological terms. Our land in demarcated into many distinctive areas based on the climate of the area, flora and fauna of that area. These distinctive areas are called as the biomes or ecosystems. Biomes are the distinct area in the ecosystem.
Components of terrestrial ecosystem:
Terrestrial ecosystem has the following two main components. Abiotic components: The non living factors of the abiotic components of the terrestrial ecosystem. The factors are climate, inorganic substances and organic compounds. The situations prevailing concerning the presence and distribution of water, duration and intensity of sunlight, the range of temperature and amount of humidity in atmosphere, rainfall and influence of wind are included in climate factors. Biotic components: The living organisms are known as the biotic components in the terrestrial ecosystem. The green plants are the producers of the terrestrial ecosystem. From the simple organic materials like glucose, plants from complex organic compounds like starch, proteins and lipids.
Functions of terrestrial ecosystem:

The functions of terrestrial ecosystem are as follows,
Solar energy is trapped by autotrophic organisms.
The autotrophic organisms arrange organic food constituents with the help of solar energy by captivating raw materials from the environment.
The organic materials are used by heterotrophic organisms as food.
Some of the materials are returned to the environment in the form of excreta while the rest is returned to the environment when they die.
The dead body of an organism is decomposed by a certain group of organisms known as decomposers.
Another group of organisms known as transformer modifies these compounds into such a appropriate compound which can be reutilized by autotrophic organisms.
The exchange of materials establishes a continuous circular path or cycle between living and non- living.

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