Saving Endangered Species

Saving Endangered Species
It?s true that many, perhaps most, species have become extinct as a result of natural process rather than human interference. After all, compared to the existing time of the planet, human history is too short a period. However, this does not follow that it?s of no justification for society to try to save endangered species. The contention apparently ignores the fact that there are a delicate ecological balance in the nature, of which human beings is a part and any action of any part of the ecological cycle will have an effect on the nature sooner or later.
It seems unnecessary for people to interfere in the protection of the ecological balance, it seems that human beings can do little since, compared with the force of the nature, human beings are too weak to make any great effect on the environment. Thus it is of no justification for society to make extraordinary efforts to save endangered species. Of course, there seems no reason to save a fierce tiger that can but attack human beings. And there is no reason too, to make great effort to save a kind of rare fish when there is necessity to build a dam, at the site where the fish locates. Why bother the human beings spend so much to save a kind of fish of whose extinction do no harm human beings? How about build the dam on which a power plant can be built and thus benefit thousands or millions of people?

However, the natural environment is composed of all kinds of species, including human beings. Every kind of the species lives their own life and each one?s action will have effect on the others. Take the food chain as an example, it seems that tiger?s existence has nothing to do with grass, however, grass is the food of small animals on which tiger lives. The damage to the environment will cause the loss of grass firstly, the reduce of small animals and finally it will threaten the existence of tigers. It?s the same case in human being?s actions. The activities of human being seems have little to do with the nature and can not influent the nature greatly, but the truth is just the contrary.

Of course human being?s actions cannot change the nature in a short period of time, but the influence will be shown with the passage of time, sooner or later. However, to say that human being should try to save the species does not mean we should take any specific measures directly relevant to the species themselves, of which may cost too much and of little significance, or even, maybe people can have no way to do that due to lack of knowledge of the species or lack of sufficient technology equipment or skills. There are many other things we can do concerning the issue of helping the endangered species to survive, among which the protection of the environment is the most effective and most urgent one. Along with the development of the history, especially since the beginning of the industrial era, people have done enough to affect the environment. The forests are disappearing, the waters are under increasing pollution threatens, the soil is erased continually, and all of these are directly endangering the space that the species live on.
Thus, what the human beings should and can do is not to vaguely assert that how much should we spend to save the rare species, instead, we should do something more practical as protecting the environment or like to help the rare species to survive.

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