Smoking Should be Banned

Smoking Should be Banned
Guns kill?
?so does smoking.

Each year more than 18,000 Australians die too soon because of their addiction to smoking.

Good morning Mr Hunt and 7GV. Today I will be putting forward the argument that smoking should be banned, due to its negative effect on society.
Hateful to the nose, and harmful to the body. Every day millions of people around Australia are inhaling rat poison, lighter fluid, paint stripper, and tar. These are only a few of the toxic chemicals in a single cigarette. As a result of consuming these chemicals, smokers are shortening their lives and causing many illnesses to themselves such as heart disease and lung cancer. Not only does smoking severely damage the smoker?s health, but can harm the people around them.

When another person inhales second hand smoke from someone else?s cigarette, they are unintentionally exposed to the harmful effects of smoking. Passive smoking is extremely dangerous to non-smokers of today?s society.
The National Health and Medical Research Council shows that people living with a smoker have a 30% higher chance of developing lung cancer. It also shows that roughly 140 Australians die each year from lung cancer caused by passive smoking.

Apart from being a health risk to people, smoking is doing a great deal of damage to our environment. If the average smoker uses 10 cigarettes each day, plus the other 5.3 million in Australia, that?s quite a lot of air pollution.

Smokers, non-smokers, and the environment are all negatively affected by smoking. Why should we let it continue within our society? No one can justify killing someone else, to satisfy their own wants or habits.

So why should they be allowed to?

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