Cloth vs. Disposables

Cloth vs. Disposables
Moms for years have been debating over cloth versus disposable diapers. This debate has become more and more complex through the years. Choosing cloth diapers over disposable diapers is clearly the best decision for parents or parents to be.
Cloth diapers are no longer an inconvenience. Cloth diapers now have no hassle Velcro snaps as opposed to pins. Even when using the most cost efficient disposables, cloth diapers are still cheaper over a baby?s diaper period. Cloth diapers can also be reused when having another child which makes money saving even more. Cloth diapers on average will save about 1,800 dollars annually if not more.
A common cause of diaper rashes is prolonged exposure to a hot soiled diaper. Disposables hold about 7 pounds of fluid without leaking onto a child?s clothes. Disposable diapers hide evidence that a diaper needs to be changed which leaves a child marinating in excretion for long period of time. Cloth diapers allow parents to feel when a diaper is wet, preventing rashes.
Cloth diapers have no chemicals unlike disposable diapers which contain large amounts of chemicals for absorbency and perfumes. The same chemical removed from tampons due to its link to toxic shock syndrome is still used in disposable diapers.
The average baby uses 6 disposables per day for about 2.5 years. This equals to 734 kg of solid waste. A disposable diaper takes hundreds of years to break down. By using cloth diapers, 50 percent of household waste would be eliminated. According to World Health Organization guide-lines it is illegal to deposit human waste at dumpsites. This means technically it is illegal for soiled diapers to be deposited at dump sites.
After taking cost, health, and environment into consideration, cloth diapers are clearly the best decision for parents to make. Cloth diapers are better for the child, parent and the environment.

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