Positive and Negative Effect of Globalization

Positive and Negative Effect of Globalization
Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on the world today

At present, globalization is becoming a trend all over the world. It has positive effects not only on political but also on economy and culture in countries, however, globalization causes negative in the meantime. This essay will talk about the positive and negative effects and solutions of globalization.

Globalization has positive effects on culture and economy in countries. As the development of telecom and transport, it builds up the cooperation between nations. There are more and more trades in countries, which largely increase the economy and living standard of nations. Such as tourism, it has become a pillar industry in some countries, especially in Thailand and New Zealand. It brings in investments which reinforces the countries? economy, besides, the influx of tourists who come from different countries exchange the diverse culture as well. For foreign markets, globalization has indeed improved people?s life. Due to foreign products are imported into own country, people accept the different types and value of living, such as? people may like popular music, and Japanese television set, and Marlboro cigarettes? (Buckley,R. 1998). Thus, globalization has significant impact on economy and culture.However, it still has negative effects on countries? development. Like ethnic division, different citizens have different individuality; there can have violent conflicts because the multi- layering of identities between global citizens which caused by globalization (Buckley,R. 1998). Moreover, the situation may become more serious, some severe conflicts may lead to war which has reduced the progress in economy, like poverty which is one of negative effects caused by it, and it decreases the improvement of nations and has significant influence in people?s life. If they don?t take actions in time, it would result in more problems in countries. Although it has negative impacts on global village, we can make efforts on these problems, some organizations (wto, fdi. UN, who, nato, G20) have been built to make laws to control the environment reasonably (Buckley,R. 1998).

To sum up, globalization have reinforced the economy and improved the living standard in a way, however it may cause ethnic division, war and poverty. As a result, some organizations enforce certain laws and principles to correct the development, so that global village can own a safe and healthy environment.

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