National Debt

National Debt
True, the national debt is large and we can continuously roll over
the debt. However, there is reason to believe that at least reducing
the national debt is favorable. The current Republican plan should be
vetoed by President Clinton given the ?draconian cuts? involved in the plan.The deep cuts proposed by the Republicans in Medicare, education
and other social programs are not a viable option to use to balance the budget.
Raising premiums paid by beneficiaries of the Medicare progam, or cutting
financial aid for college students is not the answer to the problems involved in
balancing the budget. Clinton has said that, ?We cannot cut medicare, education,
and the environment as a condition of keeping the goverment open.? In light of
what has happened since Monday, Nov. 13 this was not just a threat.

The Republicans would like nothing more than to cut neede domestic programs
in order to balance the budget, thus keeping the rich rich, and leaving the needy helpless! The Republicans are only thinking of themselves with respect to balancing
the bugdet and how they can do it without hurting fellow Republicans. The issue
of balancing the budget needs to be agreed upon by both parties. Until the Republicans
stop giving the President ultimatums to sign their plan, they will remain in a stalemate
with the president.

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