Solar Energy is the Future

Solar Energy is the Future
Imagine a perfect source of energy. One with no pollution. No poisonous gasses or destruction of rain forests. This plentiful source of energy comes from the sun.
Solar energy is now used in many ways. Calculators and watches run off solar cells and bigger cells. Some homes fully rely on the power of the sun to heat their water. Solar energy plays an important role in the digestion cooling cycle.

There are advantages for solar energy. One being a renewable energy which will not run out easily. Although this is a natural source, problems such as the cost effects are likely to occur. There are also disadvantages of this energy, such as the solar power that takes a large surface area which results the price of this energy to be higher. This power relates to the sun and this means cells can only generate during the daytime. Even though I still think that the solar energy is essential to our environment. Since wind is caused by the up and down movement of hot and cold air, wind energy can be a branch of solar energy and since the sun plays an important role in the water cycle, hydroelectric energy can be attributed to solar energy.

Solar Energy has a great potential in becoming a main source of energy in the future.

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