Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues
The topics of: Energy, agriculture, pollution and climate change, biodiversity, and random miscellaneous environmental incongruities bring up some of the most crucial concerns of today?s environmental issues. There is so much going on in today?s world revolving around environmental concerns, and the information in newspapers serve as a great informational tool to inform the economy of what is going on around them and possibly what they can do to help.
The environmental issues associated with the development and use of oil, gas, nuclear power, electricity, and wind/solar power fall under the category of ?Energy.? Energy is one of the most important issues there are, as energy is what makes the world work and act productively/efficiently. The absence of gas, oil, or electricity would put the world at a standstill and leave us stuck in the past, technology wise because these energy resources are needed for manufacturing, transportation, and to keep the world alive. Analyzing all the articles revolving around energy issues, I would say the majority are directly correlated with the politics in energy. Between the British Energy concerns, OPEC?s debates on oil production, and the Texas Energy company?s random donations, it?s hard to tell who to trust when it comes to energy concerns. Many businesses seem to be caught up in fraud nowadays or bankruptcy and trust lies in very few companies? possession as not many can be trusted with money or decisive actions. Also, the occasional rise in prices on oil and other energy resources are all to common as countries hoard environmental resources in attempt to gain profit through a meager controlled sale.
Agriculture is also among the primary concerns of the world. Agriculture deals with food production, and without proper and efficient food production, there could be serious environmental concern pertaining to population growth or possibly population declination. The most notable concerns with agriculture are undoubtedly the serious droughts that many countries have faced this year, the difficulties of farmers, and the constant recalling of food products due to disease found within. The majority of the articles pertained to bad things that were occurring in agriculture or the food production industry, which leads one to be pessimistic on the way food is being produced lately. The struggle of farmers to gain more government funding has always been a concern, but the concern has elevated to a new level as droughts are affecting farmers? crops and making it much harder for them to make a living with a smaller margin of food production. All the recent recalling of meat is just unheard of, can you imagine how many people are getting sick from contaminated food, and they don?t even know it? This arises a serious concern for the public?s health, and for all the wasted food that is recalled and then thrown out.

Pollution and climate change are always something you need to seriously consider when analyzing environmental issues. Pollution can be partially controlled while climate change cannot, which makes it hard to handle when bad weather hits an area unexpectedly. Most of the articles relating to Pollution involved chemical spills, and mostly clean-air/water agreements. Various chemical spills in Brockport, Britain, and other areas throughout the US were identified. The fact that so many companies are having such drastic spills shows that they just don?t care enough or aren?t trying hard enough. Chemical spills or air pollutants coming from smoke stacks are serious threats to the environment and the economy?s well-being. Many clean-air acts have been identified lately because of complaints of companies causing too much pollution, and agreements have been settled as a result. The major climate change problems consist of drought once again. Drought has destroyed many of the US farmers chance at producing a solid crop. Droughts can not be prevented and this is what makes the situation so difficult for the government who has to pay the farmers money, and for the farmers who are forced to live with less money than expected.

Biodiversity was a subject area which contained really serious topics such as large restoration projects and species loss, or small stuff such as the endangerment of the loon. All articles are important, anything is important if it involves the safety of our environment, but topics such as the destruction of wildlife habitats and the killing of thousands of animals through a virus are what stuck out the most. The killing of over 1,000 seals is something you really take to heart, and it was all because of a little virus. Containment of epidemics such as these is crucial if preservation of our environment is truly desired. Also, an article talks about some people who carelessly drove their ATV?s through a national wildlife habitat destroying much of the sacred grounds. Actions such as these are just uncalled for and immature, people really need take more care of the environment.

There were a few articles that didn?t really fit into the other categories that could be considered miscellaneous. Articles about environmental clean-up projects, TV shows that predict future environmental collapse, and articles about saving Russia?s coast are the articles which can fall under a miscellaneous section. My reflections on these topics are the fact that it shows that people do actually care around the world and are interested in preserving the environment. Environmental public clean-up projects go to show that every little bit helps and everyone can contribute in some way.

Through all the articles I have read and analyzed, I can honestly say I believe the biggest environmental concern is Pollution. Pollution eats away at the ozone layer, creates sickness in towns, pollutes the air / ground / water, and serves the world no good purpose. Also, some kinds of pollution can be reversed or at least subsided when other environmental concerns such as energy or agricultural problems can be fixed. This is a very big problem and it will only accumulate over time with the industrial world growing as it does.

I believe I have captured the most important environmental issues of the day, as I can think of only a few smaller topics I didn?t quite find anything on. Topics I didn?t get as much on as I thought I would include: species extinction, hazardous weather conditions, and industrial food production problems. The media?s representation of environmental issues was great, as they covered all areas, gave great stories and really knew what they were writing about, with no bias that I could interpret. The New York Times was the most substantial news source as they had articles for everything and very detailed at that, while the democrat and chronicle had barely anything on their website and it was quite a task to find anything on any of the topics. I believe this is because The New York Times is a much bigger newspaper than the Democrat and Chronicle. I have learned so much from engaging in this assignment. I have never analyzed newspaper articles so much and discovered such a large array of information revolving around environmental issues. It is amazing how many concerns there are in today?s world and how much more everyone could do to help, if only everyone realized that.

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