Nigeria Rainforest

Nigeria Rainforest
There are many rainforests located throughout the
world. Some of these rainforests are in danger. Among
those which are being destroyed are the Nigerian
Rainforests. These rainforests are endangered because of
logging companies among a number of other things.
Rainforests across the world are being destroyed
everyday. These rainforests are being destroyed by human
efforts which are centred around greed. Oil companines
drilling for oil, logging companies, and fires are the
leading causes in destroying the last Nigerian
Rainforests cover only two percent of the entire
earth’s surface.1 It is estimated that ninety-five percent
of Nigeria’s rainforest has been destroyed. A Hong Kong
company is logging out of Nigeria for the use of
ply-wood, toothpicks, veneer, and chopsticks.2
People need to become more educated about the
importance of the rainforest. If people knew more, then
niether the rainforest in Mauritania, Congo(Zaire), nor
the last one in Nigeria would be facing destruction.
These rainforests should be preserved because of their
inhabitants. Plants and animals depend on the rainforest
for their livelihood. If these rainforests are completely
destroyed, then so are the inhabitants as well.
With rainforests being destroyed all across the
world, something must be done. The Nigerian government
should have some types of regulations that these
companies should follow. There have been special
organizations established to help preserve the
rainforests. These organizations includes ngo Coalition
for the Environment(ngoce) and Western Metal Products
Company Limited (wempco).

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