Banning Whale Hunting

Banning Whale Hunting
A coalition of animal welfare organizations has said that methods of killing whales are so inhumane that all whaling operations should end.
In a report called Troubled Waters, the group, Whale watch, claims many whales do not die quickly when hit.
And tests to decide exactly when a whale is dead are described as inadequate.
However, whalers deny that their methods are cruel and reject calls to end the practice.
A new report published by animal welfare societies says that all whale hunting activities should be banned on grounds of cruelty. It?s about time somebody stood up for the obvious fact that whales are intelligent beings who feel and experience pain when injured. To kill them, whalers launch grenade-tipped spears that pierce the whales? bodies, then donate internally. But the first blast often doesn?t kill the poor whale, and whale hunters have to finish the job ? minutes later ? with another grenade or by firing rifles.
It?s a gruesome business, and the activity simply has no place whatsoever in any civilized society. It?s bad enough that we?ve already polluted the whales? environment with industrial pollution from river runoff and, especially, from military sonar equipment that makes it extremely difficult for whales to communicate or navigate. (That?s why we see so many beached whales these days.) Killing whales is inhumane, plain and simple. No human being should engage in, or tolerate, such behaviour by other humans. Whales are peaceful, highly intelligent creatures, and it is time to enact a global ban on the hunting and killing of these beings. Support Whale Watch.

Whales are an endangered species and therefore should be banned.

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