Nuclear Power Is Necessary

Nuclear Power Is Necessary
In the year 2078, Jimmy was in shock when it was announced on TV that the world had officially run out of fossil fuels. Due to the decisions made about 80 years ago, Jimmy realized that he and his family would have to make their own energy. If people had left open and made more nuclear power plants, the world would have continued to run without having to be afraid of losing its energy sources. Now, the technology that had required large amounts of energy, such as Jimmy?s computer, would be worthless. Poor Jimmy?s world had been turned on its ear; the world was in a state of mass hysteria and people were running around in crisis mode. Jimmy feared that nobody was capable of building the nuclear power plants due to the lack of energy because not only were fossil fuels gone, the alternative power sources produced so little energy as to be negligible. Jimmy hoped that somehow the crisis would be weathered but regretted that things had been allowed to slip as badly as they had. However, things do not have to go this way; this energy crisis can be averted. Nuclear energy is what will allow the people of the world to continue to use massive amounts of energy.
The majority of the world?s electricity is currently produced via fossil fuels. These are a finite resource and will run out shortly. Although estimates are spread across a wide time period as to exactly how long fossil fuels will last, it is possible that oil will be exhausted within 60 years and coal within 30 years. It follows that it is necessary to find a new source of energy. The world must therefore start to convert to nuclear energy now, so there is not a major crisis when fossil fuels do run out, and invest in nuclear energy for the future.
In many senses nuclear energy is clean. It does not produce emissions such as greenhouse gases, which are harmful either to the population or to the environment. It is unclean in that it does produce radioactive waste, but this is better to have than what burning fossil fuels produces. Since radioactive waste is in solid form it can be dealt with much more easily and stored away from centers of population. It could even be stored in space or on moons some time in the future. When radioactive waste was dumped into the ocean, that was a mistake due to lack of knowledge and we know better now. The damage caused to the environment and populations due to the burning of fossil fuels is far in excess of the damage done to the environment due to the nuclear industry, including any of the nuclear plant catastrophes. In this sense nuclear energy is quite preferable to the burning of fossil fuels. Furthermore, as new technology becomes available to allow the more efficient use of nuclear fuel, less nuclear waste will be produced. A recent example that was in the news is the development of the fast breeder reactor, which uses fuel much more efficiently. However, this increase in development will only continue with investment. Judging from the pace of development of nuclear technology since its start, it is a good bet that with more investment nuclear energy will become an even more desirable source of energy with many of its current drawbacks a thing of the past.
It is very pertinent to look at the alternatives to nuclear energy when choosing in what form of energy to invest. For these reasons, diminishing supply and environmental damage, fossil fuels can be ruled out immediately. Enormous problems can be seen with every form of alternative energy. The most efficient source of renewable energy has been hydroelectric power. However, this usually creates more problems than it solves. Building a large dam means that it will flood an enormous region behind the dam, this in turn can displace tens of thousands of people. There are also enormous ecological costs to dam building. An excellent example is the Aswan dam in Egypt along the Nile, which some people may recognize from history class. Not only did thousands loose their homes but the yearly inundation of the Nile, which fertilized the surrounding land for thousands of years, stopped. The subsequent silting up of the river destroyed much wildlife. Solar energy has never lived up to expectations since it is hugely inefficient. A solar panel the size of Europe would be needed to power a city the size of London. See how many people think that is a feasible option. Wind energy is only marginally better using an unsightly wind farm the size of Texas needed to provide the energy for Texas alone. The worst providers of energy out of all choices have been geothermal and tidal energy. They have been hopelessly inefficient because no rocks have been found that are hot enough and no waves have been found that are strong enough. It is most amusing in that not only are most renewable energy sources inefficient but many are also environmentally and ecologically harmful. The opposition to the building of wind farms in certain areas has been strong because wind farms destroy the scenery, being so unsightly and large.
It is unfortunate that it is the case that the nuclear industry has had a bad reputation for safety. Not all of this reputation has been deserved. The majority of nuclear reactors have functioned safely and effectively for their entire lifetimes. The two major nuclear accidents that occurred were both in old style reactors, made worse in one case by lax Russian safety standards. The reactors this paper is advocating are new reactors built to the highest safety standards. Such reactors have an impeccable safety record. Probably the best guarantee of safety standards in the nuclear industry is the increasing understandability with which the industry is presenting itself. Many of the problems in its early days were caused by excessive control by the government due to the application of nuclear energy for military applications.
Nuclear energy is the way things must go because there are no other feasible alternatives available. Most energy sources are too weak to support the world, while some take too much work to provide for too few, like solar panels. Fossil fuels are going to run out and nuclear energy provides the best, really, the only solution to the future energy crisis. The nuclear industry is also a major employer. It creates numerous jobs at the moment, and with investment, will create even more. People may have been scared away from nuclear power plants because of the thought of meltdowns, but aren?t a couple accidents forgivable by now? The meltdowns rarely happened and only in old style plants. Anyway, it is a relatively cleaner source of energy than the competition comparing the energy outputs. Disposing of the radioactive wastes will be an easy job, especially as technology increases and we can have a lunar dumping ground. Or the waste can be jettisoned into the sun or a black hole where it will be no problem to anyone. The world needs to stop shutting down its nuclear power plants and start building new ones designed from the ongoing research. If nuclear power is not taken advantage of, then Earth?s population will have a tremendous energy crisis in approximately a century.

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